Thursday, March 26, 2015

before 2012 nepal was just another country in pageantry, until the name NAGMA SHRESTHA burst out into the scene destroying stereotypes and making everyone notice . miss earth nepal 2012 put her country into the map of pageant a-listers when she made the top 8 of miss earth 2012 pageant amidst the most competitive batch of gorgeous goddesses . nagma emerged as the biggest surprise that year but she proved to everyone that she deservingly got her place on her own merits and her hard work to make a mark for her country which till that time has never really put a dent in the semifinals of any of the grand slam pageants. to me it was never a surprise because aside from her statuesque elegant beauty, nagma exudes a calm serene aura mixed with determination and grit made her a very strong contender in 2012.

nagma on a magazine cover

after placing in the top 8 of miss earth nagma has evolved into one of nepal's most recognizable celebrity. she now hosts a lifestyle program  STEPS where she showcases the picturesque beauty of nepal as well as the latest in fashion, music and culture.

aside from dabbling into being a media princess, model ,host and motivational speaker nagma has never forgotten her miss earth roots. she is a very active environmental queen participating in different charity events to benefit mother nature and human kind in general. she even implemented in her own country what she learned during her miss earth stint. providing an affordable solar power to poor families via the LITER OF LIGHT campaign.

here nagma promotes cycling as a green alternative to people to decrease our carbon footprints.

nagma particpates in international womens day making her voice heard as mother nature's protector.

nagma initiates the repair of classrooms so that children will have a moreconducive atmosphere to learn.

nagma is a woman of many facets and she excels in everyone of them. one of the most beautiful quality of nagma though is the ability to inspire people and become a role model for future queens in nepal who look up to her wisdom ,knowledge and experience.

here is nagma with her miss earth sisters who carried the flag of nepal proudly during their year.

rojisha shahi miss earth nepal 2013 , prinsha shrestha miss earth nepal 2014 and anupama gurung miss earth nepal 2011


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