Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The triumphant trio? Will one of them be the ultimate victor of Mister Global 2015?

Be it in swimwear or being fully covered in their respective tuxedo, Czech Republic's Jakub Smirak, Brazil's Diogo Bernardes and Chile's Cristobal Alvarez are still oozing with charm and gorgeousness. The same can be said to the equally competitive and adorable delegates from the Philippines and Venezuela who won't leave any stone unturned to nail the most coveted spot in the competition.

The contenders from Vietnam, Malaysia, India and even the less hyped candidates from Peru and Lebanon can't also be ignored. They certainly have what it takes to give the front runners in the competition a run for their money.

And during the recent pictorial for their formal wear, the above mentioned Mister Global aspirants channeled their most winsome and sublime persona. You may check the photos below for your perusal:  (Photo courtesy of Mister Global pageant)

Czech Republic - Jakub Smirak

Brazil - Diogo Bernardes 

Chile - Cristobal Alvarez

Philippines - Joseph Doruelo

Venezuela - Yuber Jimenez

Vietnam - Nguyen Van Son

Malaysia - Tuan Mohd Faiz

India - Sandeep Sehrawat

Peru - Bruno Yanez Zelada

Lebanon - Mohammad Akl


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