Monday, March 2, 2015

Jakub Smirak of Czech Republic

The globally-handsome candidates of Mister Global 2015 raised Pattaya City's temperature to its warmest level when they took their shirts and pants off for the swimwear pictorial. Through the artistic direction of Koolcheng Trinh Tu Trung and the masterful skills of photographer Tom Nguyen, the contenders with their gym-fit bodies completed a much refined and eye-pleasing photographs. The venue was along Beach Road, a stone's throw away from the international hospital where I am currently working. Just by looking at their still images, I'm inspired even more to live a healthier lifestyle and visit the gym quite often. 

So without further ado, here's a handful of the delegates' Swimwear Portraits which stood out to be the best among the rest:

Czech Republic - Jakub Smirak

Brazil - Diogo Bernardes

Philippines - Joseph Doruelo

Venezuela - Yuber Jimenez

Chile - Cristobal Alvarez

Vietnam - Nguyen Van Son

Malaysia - Tuan Mohd Faiz

India - Sandeep Sehrawat
Sri Lanka - Madura Peiris
France - Bryan Weber

Mr. Czech Republic wins this round. He personifies perfection in every angle. He isn't only fit and healthy, he also exudes an adorably masculine appeal. Above all, a globally-gorgeous beauty that is highly marketable.



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