Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dubbed as 'The Next Leading Lady' to watch out for in the local screens, Hope Elizabeth Hanley Soberano may not be the most popular celebrity in the Philippine Showbiz Industry today but certainly, the 5'6" Fil-Am actress is undeniably blessed with the most stunning facial beauty. I instantly fell in love by just gazing at her photos and I could even stare for hours at her still images mesmerized, without getting bored. She's really pretty! Thanks to her American mother and Filipino father who produced such a beautiful offspring. Apparently, there is this superb difference when a Filipino blood is mixed with a Caucasian. The outcome is just excellent, beauty and talent-wise! So for those who want to give birth to talented and 'uber' gorgeous kids like Liza, you know already what to do:)

I am hoping that Liza who is still young and fresh at 17 would consider joining beauty pageants and be the Philippines' next torch bearer in Miss World. I honestly think that her skills and beauty perfectly fits the bill in Julia Morley's standards. If ever she wouldn't still get that much bigger slice of the showbiz's spotlight in the next two years, she should try dipping her toes in the pageantry pool where she'll most likely rake waves for international stardom. With a beauty that's close to perfection, she has definitely what it takes to be the next Megan Young and be in that elite roster of few world-class Filipinas in history who successfully conquered the global beauty stage.


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