Friday, April 3, 2015

miss earth is one of the most coveted title in the whole of pageantry. that is why ladies from all over the world want to win it and they put a lot of effort in their miss earth journey. pageant organizations, national directors as well as families and fans throw in their full support and do everything they can to make sure their bets land the most difficult top 16 to crack in the history of pageants.that is because miss earth pageant has one of the most dynamic, fair and unconventional style of choosing who makes the top 16. wars in different forums and messageboards have erupted every year with fans protesting why this lady made it, why their bets didnt. well let me tell you a secret which most pageant fans do not know about the top 16 of miss earth every year.

miss earth chooses its top 16 girls by continent , the ladies are grouped into the four continents europe, asia and oceania,africa and the americas. specific slots are then given to each continent based on the number of contestants in that continent. so the more contestants there are  the more top 16 slots are alloted for that continent. for 2014 5 slots were given to asia and oceania, 5 slots to the americas ,4 slots to europe and 2 slots for africa.

the girls then with the 5 highest scores from asia and oceania make top 16 in this case philippines,mongolia,tahiti ,thailand and korea.

5 ladies with the highest scores from the americas make top 16, this years it was usa,venezuela,brazil,colombia and mexico.

four ladies with the highest scores from europe made top 16 ,it was russia, spain ,slovak republic and scotland.

two candidates with the highest scores from africa made top 16, for 2014 it was zambia and egypt.

carousel productions devised this plan to make sure every part of the world is represented in the top 16 ,preventing continental shutouts and also prevents monopoly of one type of beauty in the semifinals. so for those who were complaining how did egypt or korea make top 16 over dominican republic ,austria ,northern ireland or puerto rico. the answer is simple ,egypt and korea did not compete with any of them for the top 16 selection. egypt competed with her african sisters and she scored one of the two highest from that region thus she made top 16. same with korea, she competed with her asia and oceania counterparts and was one of the top 5 scorers in that region. while dominican republic and puerto rico competed with the girls from the americas unfortunately their scores were not in the top 5 highest in the americas thus their exclusion from the top 16. 

heres an example of how it is done, after the judges scores,chaperone scores and medal scores are tabulated, slots are assigned to each continent based on the number of contestants.these are not the actual scores and are not the actual ranking but only examples:
1.usa - 96.75
2.venezuela - 96.25
3.brazil- 95.90
5.mexico- 95.20
6.dominican republic- 95.10
7.paraguay- 94.95 virgin islands-94.25
9.ecuador - 94.10

1.zambia - 91.50
2.egypt - 89.95

if you look at their example scores ,dominican republic ,paraguay ,us virgin islands ,ecuador and canada clearly has higher scores than zambia and egypt. but these 5 girls did not make the top 16 since only 5 slots are alloted for the americas and they did not make the top 5 highest scores in the americas.while zambia and egypt although had lower example scores made the top 16 since  they occupy the two highest scores in africa which was alloted 2 spots in the top look back in the last few years and see why some girl made it and some girl did not.

hope this article gives all the fans an insight and gain knowledge on the miss earth top 16 selection so their is better understanding of the selection proces . so for those who quickly judge miss earth without knowing the real story , miss earth is the fairest , most integral pageant that never lets anyone get in the way to influence the scores but it is based on honest to goodness judging on the ladies performance during the pre pageant activities as well as the actual prejudging.


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