Friday, April 17, 2015

venezuela is the biggest pageant powerhouse in the whole world. they always place and win crowns left and right in the big 4 pageants. last year though would have been a disaster for venezuela if not for maira alexandra rodriguez who saved venezuela from experiencing a crownless year for 2014.maira  won the coveted miss earth-water crown for 2014, becoming the saving grace of her country in an otherwise dreadful shutout of venezuelan queens in major pageants except in miss earth.the last minute replacement who only had one week to prepare for the international pageant , showed everyone that she was ready for battle and indeed she put out one of the best performances a miss venezuela demonstrated for international pageants. i would say without hesitation maira had the best and most dazzling evening gown presentation for all the pageants of 2014 .maira is the only venezuelan queen of 2014 who won a title in 2014,the other three ladies came home with no title or crown.not only was maira stunning and had great catwalk skills , she stole the heart of many pageant fans as she turned out to be very humble, friendly and has great personality.she put out the stereotype of venezuelan queen being cold competitors, rather maira showed how open, pleasing, and fun loving venezuelan girls are with good character.

after her well received and well celebrated victory at miss earth 2014, maira is given the honor of hosting two major venezuelan spectacles. maira will host the mister venezuela 2015 pageant and will also be hosting the daily show for miss venezuela 2015. congratulations maira , we miss earth fans are so proud of you. you deserve all the success, your hardwork and determination which you showed during the miss earth pageant is now seeing results. good luck lovely queen.


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