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Imelda Romualdez Marcos
Philippines' former First Lady

Speaking of beauty, poise, grace and tons of wit the former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Remedios Visitacion Romualdez-Marcos is a living icon. No one comes close to her when it comes to elegance and grandiose sophistication during her youth. In fact the word 'Imeldific' which means ostentatious and extravagance was coined after her name for her lavish love for beautiful things and luxurious lifestyle, not to mention her monstrous collection of more than a thousand pairs of expensive shoes, costly jewelries, designer gowns and exclusive paintings from renowned world-class artists.

But do you know that the beautiful Imelda was once a beauty
Imelda as a pageant queen
queen aspirant before she became the country's most controversial First Lady? She once represented Manila in the Miss Philippines pageant in 1953 which was eventually won by Cristina Galang of Tarlac. Although she didn't win the top plum, she was given an honorary title by Mayor Arsenio Lacson as the 'Muse of Manila' for her bewitching beauty. 

Now apart from her 'Imeldific' lifestyle and captivating beauty which we are mostly aware of,  Imelda has also earned another title. We all know about the political controversies which continue to haunt the life of the Marcoses even today. And despite facing numerous allegations regarding her family's source of wealth, she remained unperturbed and was never imprisoned on the legal charges filed against her. A firm believer of the Truth, the Good and the Beautiful, she still continued to wield power and her ability to survive enormous upheavals and overcome life's seemingly insurmountable challenges has led her to be called the "Asia's Steel Butterfly". 

First Lady Imelda and President Ferdinand together with Their Magesties, The King and Queen of Thailand.

Imelda during her state visit in China with
Chairman Mao (China's President that time)
kissing her hand. The Chinese President was reportedly
enamored with Imelda's beauty.
In a close-up interview by Mel Tiangco in the PowerHouse episode, Imelda shared some significant details and quite sensitive topics which were not revealed yet in the media before concerning her growing up years, her youth, romance, motherhood as well as her life and vision as the former first lady of Philippines. It's very interesting to know how she captivated the hearts of the world's most influential leaders that time and used her charm and beauty in her mission that primarily benefits the Philippines. Feel free to click the play button and watch the full episode below for more information.

PowerHouse Episode with Madame Imelda
July 9, 2013

Love her or hate her, Imelda has already earned her mark in history as the most influential, if not the most brilliant and celebrated First Lady of the Philippines. She is a legendary icon of beauty, elegance, fashion, intelligence and bravery - an epitome of a world-class Filipina!

Imelda together with the Miss Universe beauties. 1974

Imelda with Miss Universe 1974 Amparo Muňoz of Spain

Imelda with Australian Prime Min.Gough Whitlam & his wife
Margaret on their way to the opening ceremony
of Sydney Opera House
Lavishly charismatic Imelda.
Ferdinand and Imelda with US President
Ronald Reagan.

Asia's Steel Butterfly.


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