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Manhunt International 2012 Winner, June Macasaet of the Philippines.

Manhunt International Top 5 Victors. From L-R: Singapore (4th Runner-Up), Macau (2nd Runner-Up),Philippines (Winner), Sweden (1st Runner-Up) and Puerto Rico (3rd Runner-Up).

The year 2012 was so far the most memorable for me since I
With Philippines during the Prelim.
started to venture into pageant blogging, partly because I was given the chance to attend the Manhunt International 2012 finals staged that time in Bangkok, Thailand. You can imagine my glee when I was able to meet and talk with the top favorite contenders from Puerto Rico, Sweden, USA, Colombia, Bahamas, Australia and of course the Philippines represented by June Macasaet who was the eventual ultimate victor at the conclusion of the pageant. Personally, I didn't have a clear choice for the top spot, since there were a lot of stunners and title-worthy eye-candy delegates in this edition.

Manhunt contenders in their beachwear during the Preliminary Competition.
('Back stage' shot). From L-R: India, France, Colombia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Mr. Colombia with Mr. Denmark in their beachwear during the Preliminary Competition. ('Back Stage')

Like for instance, the very fashionable and enigmatic Mr.
Colombia. I was in the lobby of the candidates' official residence that evening when I first saw him. I thought I've seen a life-size version of Ken (Barbie's boyfie)! The blonde hair was perfectly made up, the eyes, stature, even the skin tone as well as the bone structure radiated the stance of the world's most adored male doll.
Puerto Rico and USA were considered to be the boy-next-door hunkies of the competition. I thought USA was snobbish, but he proved me wrong. The guy has a 'happy-go-lucky' kind of personality. I had a close-up glance on him for the first time during the beachwear photoshoot outside the hotel and I was quite uncomfortable to approach him and had his photo taken because he was wearing nothing except an Aussiebum underwear! I thought he might not welcome the idea of being photographed, but he was just too cool and very congenially charming. He also speaks Spanish and traces back his roots in Colombia! 

From L-R: Singapore, Thailand, USA and Puerto Rico.

Well, Puerto Rico was undeniably the crowd favorite! The
Mister Congeniality of the batch I should say:) He would always wear a smile for everyone with a personality so endearing. I could still recall how he would reach out to his fans and supporters alike even to the press and such sincere efforts didn't go unnoticed. 

Mr. Sweden was also captivating and very friendly too! A true blue gentleman with no pretensions. You can tell he has a good soul, his presence was invigorating let alone therapeutic. No bad vibes attached! The Swedish hunk almost stole the thunder from June Macasaet when he won First Runner-Up on the finals and I was delighted he placed higher as expected! 

Your blogger with Misters Bosnia and Bulgaria at the lobby during their break.

Your blogger with Philippines' June Macasaet.

When June Macasaet was elected as the Philippines'
representative, I knew from the start that we have a winner! He perfectly fits the mold of the organization's ideals and standards. He's on his way to the elevator of the hotel's lobby and was carrying a plastic bag of snacks and goodies from the seven-eleven store when I spotted him for the very first time. I immediately recognized him and without hesitation I called him Philippines! And he turned around, smiled and went straight to where I was seated. That time I knew I had the opportunity to speak with him and told him that he had a very good chance of winning and it turned out that my gut feel was right.

A well-deserved win for the Philippines.

June Macasaet is the first Filipino titleholder of Manhunt International and so far the last winner of the said pageant since its debut in 1993. There's no word of confirmation yet from the organization as to when and where the next contest will take place. I am hoping it will be resumed for good this year. 

The Manhunt International 2012 Victors.

N.B. I still have a lot of photos during the Preliminary and Final competitions that were not uploaded here. I might be posting the good ones in my next throwback entry. Stay tuned!


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