Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sharmaine Ruffa Gutierrez - Miss World 1993
Second Princess & Queen of Asia and Oceania
Miss World 1993 Lisa Hanna from Jamaica (center) with
her court Palesa Mofokeng of South Africa and Ruffa
Gutierrez of the Philippines.

Video Courtesy of Manay Ichu

Ruffa in her swimsuit. Miss 
World 1993. Gorgeous
at 19!
If only poise, grace, beauty and wit (sans politics) were the main basis during the Miss World 1993 beauty pageant in Sun City, South Africa, then there's no doubt that the actress-turned-beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez could have given the Philippines its first Miss World crown two decades earlier than Megan Young who won the elusive title in 2013. Until now, I'm still baffled as to how a superbeauty like Ruffa who managed to shine all throughout the competition including the nerve-racking final question and answer portion where she articulated an impressive response with eloquence and full confidence had been utterly eclipsed and edged out by the likes of Lisa Hanna of Jamaica (winner) and Palesa Mofokeng of South Africa (first princess). I'm not undermining their capabilities however beauty and performance-wise, it's pretty evident that Ruffa got the upperhand. How
Ruffa in her Ben Ferrales Sari
manok-inspired National Costume.

the two toppled down Ruffa's total scores in the final tally still remained a mystery to me. But as I'm only a mere pageant spectator who is not privy with the real actions behind the scenes and how the final deliberation had been made, all I could possibly do is to speculate based on the resources at hand. 

Good thing, Ruffa was all gracious in her defeat. After all, representing the country in the world's oldest surviving beauty derby and eventually winning the Miss World Second Princess and Queen of Asia and Oceania title in a sea of world-class contenders is definitely a spectacular feat not every beauty delegate could have the chance to achieve. Along with Megan Young and Valerie Weigmann, Ruffa for me is certainly one of the most gorgeous few Filipinas who have ever graced the Miss World stage.

Ruffa Gutierrez today. Still beautiful at 40! (2015)


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