Friday, May 1, 2015

Miss Universe 1965 Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand

Miss Universe 1965 and her court of beauties.

Would you believe that she's already
68 years old?
I was looking for a boutique or a shop at Central World in Bangkok that sells 'OBEY' snapback cap and Aussiebum beachwear for my island escapades next week when a huge portrait of Miss Universe 1965 Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand caught my eyes! It was then I realized that I was standing just outside Apasra's Beauty, Slimming Spa owned by the very first Thai Miss Universe herself who won the most coveted crown 50 years ago!

With wide-eyed enthusiasm I immediately trooped inside Apasra's renowned beauty spa hoping that the legendary Miss Universe was there, but only to be told then by the kind receptionist that the beautiful Apasra had just left the vicinity for a very important appointment. 
Sure I was a bit bummed out upon learning that I was 15 minutes late. I should've met her when I arrived
Your blogger with the Spa manager.
earlier! But good thing the manager as well as the staff at the reception was too polite and very accomodating enough especially when I asked to take some photographs of the place. The photos I took inside and their hospitality had somehow consoled my despondence for not meeting the country's most fabled beauty icon who seemed to have the secret for the fountain of youth. You see, she's already 68 years old and yet it looks like she's  20-30 years younger than her actual age! Isn't that amazing?

If you get the chance to shop around Central World, go and visit Apasra's Beauty and Slimming Spa located at the 3rd Floor of Eden Zone, Skywalk Entrance. Who knows you'll get the chance to meet the ageless Miss Universe! And if you have some extra money to spend, might as well avail the age-defying and fat-burning treatments specially formulated by Miss Apasra herself and her team of experts.

The Spa's entrance.

Avail the Special Promotion now!

A view of the Spa from the outside.


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