Friday, May 29, 2015

this early miss earth 2015 is shaping up to be one explosive spectacle. several new franchises are being awarded to young ,vibrant and forward thinkers.miss earth went against the grain and did not renew the well established  femina miss india franchise for miss earth. instead it gave it to a promising and driven young entrpreneur by the name of nikhil anand. this is big shocker in pageanry as femina has been for the longest time been a partner of carousel productions for over 20 years. the partnership which has seen several indian queens shine in the pageant and gave india a miss earth crown at the time india was having major drought in pageantry via nicole faria as miss earth 2010.but miss earth has stomped its feet on franchises who as established as they are , have been lagging and unfocused on the miss earth mission.miss earth had the balls and guts to award it to a newbie, but remember miss earth was a newbie in the pageant world but it has successfully established itself as one of the most exciting, most watched and definitely the most relevant pageant in existence today in a short period of over 10 years.this with over 75 national franchises creating a special pageant exclusively for miss earth, a feat that has not been achieved by any pageant in 10 years.and take note the best national franchises for miss earth that have become major leaders in pageantry in their home countries are they themselves young and ambitious. the likes of sina schmidt of austria, catherine constantinides of south africa, drago gavranovic of bosnia and herzegovina, louise brown of the united kingdom to name a few. these are young , dynamic individuals who has taken the miss earth brand to unbelievable heights. miss earth has always been a believer of hardwork, perseverance, creativity and the will to make a difference.thats is why miss earth is not afraid to go where no one went , a virtue of someone truly brave and very confident of its stature.

everyone in pageantry started as a newbie , so let us all join hands and support nikhil anand as he takes on the monumental task of  reintroducing the miss earth brand into the consciousness of the indian people. something that femina never honored and never put an effort to in its 14 years of handling the miss earth franchise.good decision by carousel productions and more exciting explosive news coming your way in the next few weeks!!!!!


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