Saturday, May 9, 2015

Guo Pei's designs.

Rihanna wearing the Guo Pei's imperial canary robe
during the Met Gala event.
Beijing-based Haute Couturist Guo Pei became a hit recently when Rihanna appeared at the Met Gala red carpet event looking majestic and extra fabulous with her jaw-dropping, fur-trimmed and floral embroidered canary imperial robe designed by Guo Pei herself.

Reports say, that the grandiose 'handmade' ensemble actually took around 50,000 hours to be completed! Now that's quite a laborious masterpiece but nonetheless, such a luxurious, breathtaking garb is definitely all worth the time and energy spent. The same is true with Guo's other spectacular creations, two of which were worn and sashayed at the Miss Universe pageant by Ji Dan Xu (Miss China Universe 2012) who won Best in National Costume and Jin Ye (Miss China Universe 2013). According to the grapevine, the golden ball gown-inspired design (photographed below) will be Miss China's national costume in the upcoming edition of Miss Universe and if it's really true, then such a show-stopping attire will certainly turn heads and be a hit in the hotly-contested beauty quest. 

The masterpiece which won the Best in National Costume
in Miss Universe 2012.

This magnificent creation was used by Miss China in Miss Universe 2013. 

The grandiose robe made famous by Rihanna during the Met Gala event.

This golden imperial ball gown has been rumored to be worn
by Miss China in the Miss Universe pageant this year.


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