Monday, May 4, 2015

here is a very insightful interview of miss earth air 2014 winner andrea neu from the usa. andrea highlights the fact that in order to come out victorious in miss earth you have to be your best self at all times. the judging starts from the moment you land in the host takes a certain kind of strength, maturity and determination in order to do well at miss earth. the strong women persevere while the immature weak girls falter under pressure. a lot of hot favorites to win the crown and were surprisingly left out did just that, they surrender and fall and are unable to maintain grace under pressure. miss earth is the toughest pageant to win ,but everything is well worth it.

andrea has exhibited all the goood traits a miss earth winner should be. gorgeous, hot, intelligent, classy, focused and most of all hardworking and humble.what an incredible woman.


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