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Miss Philippines Earth 2015
Miss Earth 2015

I am not surprised why there are only very few stunners vying for this year's title of Miss Philippines Earth 2015. In fact, I could only see around three or four ladies out of 38 candidates who are 'pageant-ready' and who got the 'beauty queen' qualities that could shine in the international stage. Jamie Herrell's triumphant win in Miss Earth might be one of the reasons why some of our country's top beauty queen aspirants are hesitant to screen this year due to the added pressure of continuing an almost impossible mission of a back-to-back Miss Earth victory. So bravo for the 38 courageous ladies who brave to be Jamie Herrell's Miss Philippines Earth successor and be the next staunch advocates and fearless warriors for Mother Nature.

So without further ado, here are my top choices for the crown: (Photos courtesy of Rappler and Miss Philippines Earth)

Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism 2015: Alyssa Ashley Calimlim of Villasis Pangasinan

I was actually rooting for the police officer Sofia Loren Deliu of Baguio city to fill in the winning circle but I honestly think that Ashley Calimlim of Villasis Pangasinan can outshine her any moment on stage and I am hoping that Sofia can prove me wrong. Even without her parents to guide her during her childhood years, Ashley managed to graduate with Valedictorian honors in elementary. She's also a former winner of Miss Beauche International Luzon 2013.  Her previous pageant experience along with her exotic stance and commendable environmental advocacy will certainly carry her through the nerve-racking moments of tomorrow's pageant finals.

Miss Philippines Fire : Marianna Darlene Pepito 

I couldn't think of anyone else among the roster of this year's candidates who can complete the quintet of beautiful earth warriors. Having been able to live in England and Canada gives Marianna the edge on English proficiency which can certainly help with her environmental campaign on a global scale. Shedding a few more pounds and achieving a desirably-toned, pageant-ready frame will definitely give her a more favorable advantage to secure the top crown.

Miss Philippines Water 2015 : Chanel Olive Thomas of Nueva Ecija

There is also an enormous possibility that Chanel Olive Thomas might take it all the way to the top on the final's eve considering that she's occupying the lead of the challenges' scoresheets, not to mention her communication skills which can slay anyone's chances in the final question and answer round with the judges. If the organization will put more emphasis on candidates' ability to express their thoughts with ease and flair concerning their respective environmental advocacies, then this Fil-Aussie model is quite a winsome choice.

Miss Philippines Air 2015: Angelia Ong of Manila City

Angelia Ong has the brand of beauty which can be a hit among tan-loving Caucasians. Exotic, beautiful and pretty svelte, I can imagine a throng of straight 'farang' (western foreigners) here in Pattaya going 'gaga' over her. After Carousel produced a mestiza winner last year, my gut feel is telling me that a Pinay bombshell like Angelia might take home the grand prize if they're seriously looking this year for 'diversity in Filipino beauty'. 

Miss Philippines Earth 2015: Diana Mackey of Cabanatuan City

I want someone who is refreshing and youthful to win the crown just like last year. Although young at 18, I firmly believe that Diana has what it takes to serve the mission-vision of the Miss Earth Organization and has the heart and soul to triumph its environmental-related causes. She can also be an excellent follow-up of Jamie Herrell who clinched the Philippines' second Miss Earth crown last year. Although a back to back feat is quite an insurmountable task to accomplish, fielding an internationally-appealing, 'earth-class' beauty is essentially paramount at the moment. 

Completing my own choices for the Top Ten finalists are Sofia Loren Deliu of Baguio City, Jona Swett of Ilo-ilo City, Alyanna Cagandahan of Santa Cruz, Laguna, Carla Valderama of Siniloan, Laguna and Mohn Theress Menaling of Mandaue City.

So there. May the BEST girl WIN tomorrow's Miss Philippines Earth 2015 Finals! All the Best Ladies! 


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