Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mister Global Philippines Joseph Doruel0
Photographed by Mark Alvarez

A night before Joseph left for Manila last Wednesday, I was
Your blogger with Mister Global Philippines 2014
Joseph Doruelo
fortunate enough to meet the reigning Mister Philippines Global at Siam Center just a stone's throw away opposite the Siam Paragon Mall. He had two modeling shoots that day in Bangkok and prior to that I was told that he had a series of commitments from the different locations in Thailand which includes the country's most popular beach destinations in Phuket, Pattaya and Hua hin. So I was really happy that he still managed to honor our acquaintance last Tuesday night despite being the busiest expat model in town!

It was already past nine in the evening when he arrived at
Joseph during the grand opening of the Child's Time 
Magazine in Bangkok, Thailand.
Siam where we agreed to meet. It wasn't difficult for me to recognize him from afar since he's an obvious stand out among the crowd with his dashing vibrant looks and gym-fit, 5'10" frame. It's safer to say that he's quite a handsome stunner no less! I could see how some girls and gals turned their heads just to take their second or third glances on him. Clad in a black-colored Addidas shirt, sporty shorts, Nike backpack and white Converse high-cut sneakers, Joseph instantly flashed his congenial smile when we met. You know, it wasn't difficult for me to get along with him in the first place because he initially made some adorably candid efforts that made me

feel more comfortable and such congenial gestures were greatly appreciated. It seemed though that he became the host that evening and I was his guest when it has to be the other way around. I am naturally shy and introverted in nature plus the constant struggle of speaking Tagalog (I'm a proud Bisdak/Surigaonon by the way) made it a bit challenging for me. Although I can speak Tagalog, but the thick 'provincial' accent is there, so I would rather communicate in English:)

We headed immediately to La Patisserie, one of my favorite
Photo Credit: Michael Davantes
pastry/coffee shops inside Siam Center where we had an almost endless conversation concerning his reign as Mister Philippines, his profession as a registered nurse as well as his burning desire to pursue medicine and be a medical doctor/international model in the nearest future possible. By the way, for those who don't know, Joseph is still 21 years old and he still has an ample time should he really decide to be in the medical field or in whatever career path he's interested with. At the moment, he is supporting his younger brother who will be studying Dentistry this year and as soon as he graduates, Joseph will focus more in achieving his own dream of getting a doctor's degree.

His recent stint in the Mister Global pageant last March
Photo Credit: Mister Global 2015
didn't slip away from our talks as well. Of course, your blogger was too eager to know about his experience in the recently-concluded Bangkok-based male beauty contest by which he made some surprising and quite shocking revelations and as promised nothing 'controversial' will be divulged here in my blog. But I felt so relieved and inspired knowing that even in the midst of a broken dream, he had the humility to concede defeat and moved forward graciously. The immense
Photo Credit: Arvin Cruz
support from his fans and from the Filipino community in Thailand was overwhelming and he couldn't thank each one enough for giving him the strength and the inspiration needed to mount the energy-depleting challenges in the competition. He's even more grateful because even if he didn't win the top prize, blessings poured well abundantly in leaps and bounds. In fact, he's more visible and much busier these days than the pageant's actual winners!

After a three-week long of modeling stint and vacation here in the Land of Smiles, he left for Manila last Wednesday for a number of projects and appearances however he is set to come back again in Bangkok by June for another round of commitments. He's also invited to sit as a judge for the
Taking his selfie at Suvarnabhumi Airport lounge in
Bangkok, Thailand while waiting for his flight back
Supermodel International in India and will be flying to South Korea for a modeling assignment. That's how blessed and loaded Joseph will be in the next few months and with a personality so endearing, I am certain that a hard working talented lad like him will definitely be going places in life! 

All the best Joseph and thank you so much for meeting up with me despite your gridlocked schedule. May the Lord richly bless your plans. See you again next time here in the City of Angels!


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