Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Miss Earth 2008, Karla Henry

Karla's winning answer

"If you have the chance to speak to the newly-elected US
Barack Obama about the state of the global environment, what would you tell him?"

"What I would tell to the newly elected president of the United States, being one of the most powerful countries in the world, I would encourage him to implement environmental knowledge in the curriculum of all schools whether in the United States or in the Philippines. Environmental knowledge is something that all of us must share, but most importantly we must teach the youth that this is something that we should instill in them so that in the near future they will be the ones to take care of our mother Earth." 

Karla's crowning moment

When Karla Henry articulated such response with eloquence
Karla's epic reaction when she was proc-
laimed Miss Earth 2008 with
Tanzania's Miriam Odemba as
Miss Earth-Air 2008.
and sincere convictions during the make or break question and answer portion of the Miss Earth pageant in 2008, the Cebuana stunner had convinced many that she’s indeed, the rightful heiress of the coveted title. Garbed in a shimmering, rainbow-colored, high-slit laden gown, Karla marched her way up to the crown filled with mixed emotions and flair as she was announced as the ultimate victor, the first Miss Earth winner from the Philippines as well as in the Asian region. And the rest, as we all know is history…

“Being crowned Miss Earth changed my life in a way that I
Karla in her swimsuit during
the final competition.
became aware that preserving and conserving the environment is something to be really serious about. A lot of people think that we joined this just for the glitz and glamour of it all and that we don’t really come up with anything to help the environment,” explains Karla. “But because Miss Earth is focused on its cause, we really do get involved in a lot of activities with DENR and private corporations. Miss Earth has helped me become more aware of how my little actions can affect our environment.”

“The first two weeks after winning Miss Earth was “pretty intense,” Karla describes. Together with the runners-up, Karla went around public schools to teach elementary pupils in public schools about environmental awareness. She
Miss Earth 2008 and the elemental queens.
promoted the “Green Thumbs Up” project, which enumerates 10 simple acts that these kids can practice at home. She also amazingly let her hair down during a coastal cleanup in Manila Bay. “That was one of the most memorable projects I did. People were quite surprised that we actually went to the beach and helped with the cleanup,” says Karla, who admits that spreading environmental awareness is not an easy task “because people are skeptical that when they go green, it’s expensive and more of a hassle for them.

Having realized that caring for the environment is a daunting duty, this down-to-earth beauty is bent on doing her best to save Planet Earth. “I can say that I felt more complete as a woman now,” she concludes. (

Karla Henry will always be remembered in the pageant books as one of the most articulate and hard working Miss Earth winners in history. 'Mabuhay ka Karla' and thank you so much for bringing another glory and honor for the Philippines! 


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