Thursday, July 30, 2015

miss earth 2014 jamie herrell recently travelled to the jewel of the indian ocen, reunion island. she was there to crown the miss earth reunion island 2015, promote the eco-tourism sites of reunion island as well as do some environmental activities. the people of reunion island welcomed jamie with open arms and she was treated with utmost excitement and admiration. they were mesmerized by her stunning beauty and lovely personality. the winner of miss earth reunion island 2015 is jade soune-syne , she was crowned by last years winner the always sweet and pretty lolita hoarau. here are some video excerpts from the pageant.

jamie,lolita and 2015 miss earth reunion island who was a surprise winner, but a pleasant deserving one at that, jade soune seyne.

being an accomplished dancer and choreographer, jamie showed her dancing prowess at the show via a production number .

while jamie was in reunion island she got a taste of reunion island hospitality as she was treated like a princess. she got to see the beautiful panoramic views of the island via a plane ride as well as their aquatic resources via a tour of the different beaches in reunion island.

and a missearth itinerary will not be complete without leaving a mark in each country she visits, trees were planted around reunion island as part of environmental activities of jamie.

jamie with the 2015 miss earth reunion candidates


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