Monday, August 31, 2015

on august 29th miss earth scotland 2012 sara pender tied the knot with long time boyfriend stuart pollock. surrounded by family and friends , it was a beautiful ceremony filled with love and a very fun party followed.sara made history in 2012 by becoming the first ever scottish woman to make the top 16 at miss earth. she did so in a very memorable fashion as she was very quiet during the lead up to the finals yet during coronation night,BOOM  she surprised everyone beating the colloquial favorites. all the other fans focused on big name countries in pageantry not knowing this wee scottish lady was the epitome of what a miss earth girl is. soft natural beauty,sincere, charming, smart ,friendly , fun personality and over all such a joy to be with. i am ecstatic to see how radiant, gorgeous and happy sara looked on her big day. it was also nostalgic to see stuart wear the traditional kilt scotland is known for. the couple looked so good it was like a wedding out of a fairytale. let us wish one of the most beautiful queens both inside and out to ever step on the miss earth stage all the best in this new chapter she is about to embark on with stu. we love you sara...

this wedding also saw the immense tie that binds the miss earth queens. miss earth is the pageant that nurtures strong friendships due to the fact the pageant activities are focused on doing something positive impact on people and the environment. yes it has its regular pageant subcontests but during the pageant what is highlighted is the fact that the girls are there to work ,help and for them to make a real difference they have to do it together. this is how lovable sara is as her miss earth friends came to witness one of her most cherished day in her life. miss earth reunion ensued with the eternally pretty miss earth northern ireland 2012 ciara walker, the vamp miss earth wales 2012 zoe kinsella , the funny temptress miss earth england 2012 zahida begum , the playful glamazon miss earth netherlands 2012 shauny bult and even her good friend whimsically lovely miss earth scotland 2013 kiera kingsman all joined the is very heartwarming to see how miss earth paved the way for these women to find true friends and remain friends throughout the years even with distant miles separating them.makes you think it was all worth it......

zahida and shauny recreating a photo from three years ago at miss earth, priceless..

miss earth girls know have to have fun 


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