Sunday, September 27, 2015

on the first week of september miss earth 2014 jamie herrell travelled to finland to participate in the ENO CONFERENCE. this is an organization founded and run by the ever dynamic mr. MIKA VANHANEN ,that encourages the whole world to unite and come up with ideas to further push environmental protection on the agenda of every citizen living on earth. ENO - uses the power of social media to foster awareness in all the countries involved. ENO also focuses on the young minds to be at the forefront in formulating solutions as they are  in fact the future leaders as well as caretakers of mother earth.

jamie opens the ACT NOW ENO CONFERENCE  with a speech on sustainable development and what role each one of us has in making changes to a more environmentally secure future.

after her speech , jamie is congratulated by international council of environmental leaders. miss earth is the only pageant where the highest leaders of government and and private sector seek out the opinion and cooperation of the miss earth winner. this is due to the high regard for miss earth owing to the fact that miss earth sets an example through actions and not just mere words or photo oppurtunities. a real miss earth queens works and when she does , she actually accomplishes something priceless and something lasting.

jamiethen visits a secondary school in finland where she got to interact with students where she was able to spread her message of environmental preservation.once again reiterating one of the missions of miss earth which is to impart early on in life the importance of environment care. although the title comes with glamour, only a miss earth queen dresses down and goes interacts with everyone like she is part of them. that is why miss earth queens are loved ,respected, admired and looked up to.

jamie met with the executives of one of finland' biggest retailer company and one of the major sponsors of the conference POHJOIS- KARHAJLAN OSSUSKAUPPA .

jamie also found time to promote one of finland's most prized possession its beautiful nature and scenery. jamie hiked KOLI NATIONAL PARK to plant trees and highlight eco tourism as a means to provide livelihood to locals and for tourists to enjoy what finland has to offer.

here is jamie with mr. mika vanhanen in a ceremonial handshake with the stunning landscape at the  koli national park in the background to symbolize the strong and longlasting relationship of miss earth and ENO.

no other pageant queen does what miss earth does, hike the highest mountains, go to the farthest places and get her hands dirty in planting a tree in order to get the message accross.

of course a miss earth trip is not all work, jamie was also able to enjoy joensuu,finland and meet so many people around the world who gathered to take part in the conference.jamie was able to tour joensuu,finland take in its lovely places,is culture ,its unique and beautiful landscapes and most of all jamie was able to experience the calm friendly hospitality of the finnish people.

what a wonderful experience, the ENO CONFERENCE was a great success. miss earth 2014 jamie herrell has proven that she was the right person for the job, as she charmed everyone in the conference with her beauty, wit, personality, sincerity, dedication and knowledge. everyone was inspired and looking forward to working in their different countries for their own environmental agenda. thats what miss earth does, it gives inspiration, knowledge and the drive for people to start on their environmental work which is a lasting legacy that will be relevant to everyone at any given time.


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