Thursday, September 10, 2015

today marks the end of one of the most fruitful and most successful reigns by a miss earth national winner. ilze saunders miss earth south africa 2014 has dedicated a whole year of her life making an impact on communities and making our earth greener and more sustainable.this is to honor her hardwork , commitment and zest to make her reign a most memorable one. good luck ilze on your future endeavours, your miss earth family from all over the world will always be here to support have made south africa and miss earth proud of you and i am sure you will continue so in the years to come.

ilze has travelled all over south africa spreading awareness and setting a good example to everyone about environmental protection.she has also been an excellent ambassador for the miss earth south africa brand always on the spotlight from magazine covers, to speaking invitations, endorsement deals and specail guest at highly rated media events. she has also travelled to peru to represent miss earth south africa company at the climate change conference as well as several conferences in her country involving key decision makers in government and private was a year full of meaningful and life changing experiences.


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