Sunday, September 13, 2015

AUSTRIA  is ready to welcome the most beautiful miss earth 2015 candidates as well as the world to see their unique brand of entertainment and pageantry. this was shown during the miss earth austria competition where the organizers gave us a glimpse of what we will see this coming december 5th on the miss earth 2015 coronation night. watch this modern, contemporary and novel way of presenting a pageant via this video.

at the end of the night the beautiful and mystic beauty sophie totzauer won the main crown and will be the host delegate to welcome delegates from the four continents.

sophie is a model and her exotic beauty comes from her austrian-serbian roots.she will be a very strong contestant and one of the frontrunners from the european continent. she is blessed with long luscious hair , beautiful modelesque face and a body that is very toned everywhere.

here is sophie together with the hardworking executives of miss earth austria who has successfully created a very strong miss earth brand in their country thus major sponsors and government agencies are all out in supporting them to host the miss earth 2015 pageant. everyone is excited and looking forward to when the pageant starts as it will be new territory for austria but we all know they will deliver with a bang.

andreas seidl and sina schmid national directors and franchise owner for miss earth austria with miss earth austria 2015 sophie totzauer , miss earth austria 2014 the gorgeous valerie huber and also in the photo is one of the cohosts of the night.

sophie and her elemental court, miss earth air - virginia rohrhan, miss earth water - leslie hanzl miss earth fire - nadja march.

sophie the morning after , she woke up with a new crown on her head.


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