Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Miss International 2015 delegates from Thailand, Spain and the Philippines
during the Gala event.

Janicel Lubina during the Gala event.
I was actually planning to post an update this morning with regards to our bet in the ongoing Miss International beauty pageant in Tokyo, Japan but I just couldn't find some photos that suit my standards. I take no delight in gazing at poorly-defined selfie images, I always want it to be just perfect, more refined and pleasing to the eyes. However, later today after visiting some pageant websites, I have found quite a handful of eye-candy images featuring our gorgeous delegate together with the other beauty representatives since day one of the competition. In the photo-grids below, Miss Philippines Janicel Lubina is seen with her fellow candidates having a field day enjoying the scenic sights of the capital as well as getting dressed and made up for some various pageant affairs from the welcome party to the gala event today. 

Photo-grids of Miss Philippines Janicel Lubina together with some other delegates from
Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, New Zealand and Cuba. 


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