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Who will succeed the crown of Lees Garcia tonight? 
Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil  (President of Miss Grand International) with Janelee Chaparro of
Puerto Rico, the first winner of MGI (left) and Lees Garcia of Cuba, the reigning queen (right).

Your blogger with the two Queens of Miss Grand International.
Janelee Chaparro (left) and Lees Garcia (right).
I had the opportunity to attend the Preliminary Competition of Miss Grand International 2015 last Friday afternoon at the Indoor Stadium in Huamak located in Bangkok, Thailand and I would like to thank the MGI organization for such privilege. Before I came in at the venue, I already had a list of contenders whom I have initially evaluated as the front-runners of the competition. And my impression was validated the moment I saw all the girls in person and how they move on stage. Needless to say, I was just a few feet distance from the judges' table who comprised of the reigning Miss Grand International Lees Garcia of Cuba (2014) and the first inaugural winner, Miss Janelee Chaparro of Puerto Rico (2013). The founder and the President of Miss Grand International Organization, Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil was also there behind them, holding a comprehensive portfolio of the aspiring delegates. And I could see how he looked at the girls intently both on stage and on the screen especially those he seemed to like. 

So without further ado, here are my own list of the top girls who had the best overall performance during the Preliminaries:

Top 20:
From left to right (clockwise from the top): Ghana, China, Israel, Japan, Mexico and Poland.
Top 20
From left to right (starting from the top): Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France and India.
Top 20
From left to right (starting from the top): Netherlands, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
From left to right: Venezuela and Cambodia (Popular Vote)
Truth be told, I was expecting much from Netherlands. Sure she got the beauty of the face, however she seemed to fall short, performance-wise. She still needs to polish her walk and how she connects with the crowd especially with the judges to earn better points. Thailand's performance on stage was quite a surprise too but in a more pleasant way! She glided on the ramp like a pro and speaking of being a host delegate, she got massive supporters at the venue. 

Just like Netherlands, my expectations were also high and
Your blogger with the beautiful Vartika
Singh of India.
mighty with the incredible India. No doubt, she's really beautiful, in fact she was very nice and lovely when I met her for the very first time after the show. But there's something lacking with her performance during both rounds of the competition. She might be able to pull a surprise though come finals and knowing how witty and intelligent she is, she'll absolutely give the other front runners a tough competition the moment she'll be given the chance to deliver her message on the make-or-break speech segment. 

And oh! Brazil was just mesmerizing! She even looked more gorgeous when she smiles. Although I am not a fan of her gown, my hunch is telling me that she will slip through the winning circle. 

Top 5:
From left to right (clockwise from the top): Thailand, Brazil, Dominican Republic, India and the Philippines.
Based on the overall performance during the evening gown and swimsuit segments, the battle for supremacy on who will clinch the crown should be between these two stunning beauties - Anea Garcia of Dominican Republic and Parul Shah of the Philippines. Being the tallest among the contenders this year, Anea with her Latina flair and towering form is an easy stand out. Next to Thailand, she also has the most number of Thai fans and supporters alike. However for the past two years since the inception of the pageant, the crown has always been won by a Latina and I believe that this time around, an equally deserving stunner should be the one to emerge victorious. And Parul Shah of the Philippines is the only top caliber delegate I saw who could hold a candle against her with aplomb. In fact, performance-wise alone during the Preliminaries, Parul was without a doubt, the girl to beat. She's definitely in the league of her own. Every move on stage was simply unparalleled. 

The last two women standing! Dominican Republic vs. Philippines
Final Verdict:
Miss Grand International 2015: Parul Shah (Philippines)
First Runner-Up: Anea Garcia (Dominican Republic)
Second Runner-Up: Rattikorn Kunsom (Thailand)
Third Runner-Up: Vartika Singh (India)
Fourth Runner-Up: Paula Gomes (Brazil)

Just imagine when the Philippines will manage to win the crown and the title of Miss Grand International 2015 tonight. This three-year old, Bangkok-based pageant will certainly soar to a worldwide popularity just like the time when Mutya Datul won the country's first Miss Supranational in Minsk, Belarus. 

So there it goes! Break a leg ladies! Best of luck tonight. 

The 78 delegates of Miss Grand International 2015


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