Thursday, October 8, 2015

Reigning Queen Less Garcia from Cuba during the Press Presentation of Miss Grand International 2015.

The official delegates of Miss Grand International 2015
during the Press Presentation.
The Official Welcome Ceremony and Press Presentation of more than 60 international beauties who have converged in the Land of Smiles vying to become the next successor of Miss Grand International were successfully presented to the media yesterday at Eden Zone in Central World, Bangkok, Thailand. From the way I see it, the Asian delegates this year led by Philippines, Thailand and India showed massive potential to snatch the crown from the early favorites topped by the stunners from the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands and France.

From the top left: Philippines, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Thailand and India.
The Netherlands, Estonia, France, Poland, Angola and Brazil. 
The Press Presentation marks the beginning of the exciting activities and fabulous events with its culmination staged on the pageant's grand finale and coronation of MGI's new queen on the fateful eve of October 25th.


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