Sunday, October 11, 2015

Parul Shah (Philippines) and Shauny Bult (Netherlands) in their swimwear. 

Philippines' Parul Shah was simply in her most gorgeous form along with Shauny Bult from the Netherlands as they strutted their fittest bod during the Swimsuit Competition held yesterday at the beautiful Kacha Resort and Spa in the island paradise of Koh Chang. The delegate with the Best in Swimsuit presentation will be announced on the finals night of Miss Grand International 2015 on October 25th. 

Please don't forget also to cast your vote for Parul and Shauny to help them clinch the Miss Popular Vote award. To know more about the details on how you can participate, kindly proceed here. The winner of the Miss Popular Vote will automatically earn a spot in the Semi-Finals. 

Philippines' Parul Shah and Netherlands' Shauny Bult donning their swimsuits.


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