Monday, October 19, 2015

Miss World Philippines 2015
The Miss World Philippines 2015 lovely candidates.

Just in case you haven't watched the coronation finale of Miss World Philippines 2015 last night and you have the luxury of time now to relax and unwind, below are the compilation of videos in 9 parts (4 is missing) which you can freely access and play for your viewing pleasure. So click the play buttons, grab a popcorn and enjoy watching the whole show!

I have also added some random eye-candy pictures in between to spice up the whole experience and should you crave for more of the pageant's still images, feel free to visit the Facebook page of OPMBWORLDWIDE.

Valerie Weignmann, Miss World Philippines 2014
Part 1

Part 2

The Opening Number.

Part 3

Candidate number 19, Hillarie Parungao in her swimwear.

Part 5

Candidate number 12 Emma Tiglao in her swimwear.
Part 6

Candidate number 14, Cassandra Naidas in her evening gown.
Part 7

Grace under pressure. The ladies await for their respective turns during the Question and answer portion.
Part 8

The last two women standing before the crown.

Part 9

Miss World 2013 Megan Young and MWP Director Ms. Cory Quirino congratulates and hugs the pageant's victor. 

Miss World Philippines 2015 Hillarie Danielle Parungao.


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