Sunday, October 18, 2015

Miss World Philippines 2014 Valerie Weignmann

The Miss World Philippines crown.
A life of one lucky lady will move to greater heights tonight as the finals of the Miss World Philippines 2015 will unfold in just a few more hours from now. There are 26 ladies who are presently in contention but only one will win the top crown and will earn the rights to represent the country for the Miss World beauty pageant in Sanya, China this December. After some careful assessment and gut feel-oriented evaluation, let me present to you my Top 12 picks for the crown:

My Top 12 Picks: (Clockwise from the top) Avonlea Paraiso, Casey Anne Austria, Cassandra Naidas, Christelle Abello, Emma Tiglao and Hillarie Parungao.

My Top 12 Picks: (Clockwise from the top): Jeddahliz Maltezo, Jessica McEwen, Kiaragiel Gregorio, Mia Howell, Mona Hammad and Vianca Marcelo.
From the 12 ladies who made the first cut, it's quite easy to notice the standouts even by just looking at their photos. The gorgeous Emma Tiglao and the beautiful Hillarie Parungao immediately snatched my attention followed by Mia Howell and Avonlea Paraiso. Meanwhile, the oriental look of Cassandra Naidas offered a refreshing sight to behold among the pool of Caucasian mixed-blooded beauties. 

Top 5: Mia Howell (Second Princess), Cassandra Naidas (Third Princess) and Avonlea Paraiso (Fourth Princess)

But among the five ladies that I've spotted to make it all the way to the finals, I dare to believe that the fight for the crown is only fiercely contested between these two stunning candidates since the day 1 of the competition - Hillarie Parungao (No. 19) and Emma Tiglao (No. 12). The latter got the edge in terms of physical beauty and sex appeal. Her brand of beauty will definitely be a hit in China and her towering form will surely help her propel in the Top Model fast-tract competition. On the other end, Hillarie got the upperhand in the beauty with a purpose project which is the central theme of the Miss World Organization. Her innate charm which beams with elegance and class makes her a little taller than the tallest candidate of the bunch. On top of that, Hillarie's wit and sweet demeanor which is quite reminiscent of the past Miss World winners, might also be her winning ticket to gain the seal of approval from the head matriarch of MWP, Madame Cory Quirino. So in a nutshell, my final vote on who should represent the Philippines in the 65th edition of Miss World goes to candidate number 19, Hillarie Danielle Ang Parungao.

Good Luck Ladies!

Miss World Philippines 2015: Hillarie Parungao (No. 19)
First Princess: Emma Tiglao (No. 12). 


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