Saturday, October 17, 2015

turid elinborgardottir is a name that will go into the halls of pageant history as a pioneer, she is the first woman from the faroe islands to go on stage at a big 4 international pageant representing her proud heritage of being faroese and to reclaim the crown for the country who won it the very first time the pageant was held, denmark.this beautiful classic nordic beauty is determined and very focused on her mission and everyone is very excited to witness this momentuous event.

turid is blessed with a beautifully chiselled face and well sculpted body. she also is good on the runway and has a very friendly open personality who is very much intent on working very hard to be an excellent ambassador for denmark and the faroe islands.turid has a very good support from her team and she will arrive in austria with a fabulous wardrobe and very ready in all aspects to reclaim the miss earth crown for denmark.

turid was in washington d.c. in the united states visiting WWF  or world wide fund which is responsible in creating measures for environmental protection, global conservation and restoration. turid shared with a group of leaders in a garden tea party the sustainable efforts the faroe islands and denmark are doing in helping alleviate climate change and environmental degradation.

turid on her way back to denmark from the usa with her national director anders hamilton de voss half of the formidable team of miss earth denmark the other half of course is the very charming  john hamilton de voss on the second photo below.these two have revolutionized the beauty pageant industry in denmark by working very hard to establish a strong  foothold for miss earth as well as other pageants in this european country.


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