Friday, October 23, 2015

estefania munoz is set in changing the fate of colombia being the perennial under achiever at miss earth.despite being a pageant powerhouse in south america winning lots of crowns, colombia still has to win a miss earth crown even an elemental title colombia has been missing.estefania miss earth colombia 2015 will try her very best to rewrite the pages of colombian history by becoming the very first colombian to ever win the miss earth title. there is no better woman to do this but estefania, blessed with the beautiful exotic face and one of the most perfect bodies ever to grace pageantry, she will sizzle in the midst of the cold austrian winter when she competes at miss earth 2015.although she is very bombshell like in appearance she comes off as very elegant, classy and very admirable, something that embodies what a great miss earth winner should be.

estefania is putting in 200 percent of her efforts to ensure a victory. plus she is supported by the best national director in colombia mr. elias tobon , who takes the best care of her queens preparing her in the best possible way so she will be ready for the challenges facing her in austria. and what a challenge it will be as 2015 has gathered one of the most beautiful, the most competitive, the most knowdgeable and most hungry girls to clinch the title of miss earth. vienna austria will witness a battle of humongous proportions with no blodshed but lots of beauty, grace, charm, class ,sexiness, intelligence and good deeds.

colombia should be very proud of estefania , as she is on the verge of capturing the crown most elusive to colombian women. she is the complete package, she has the beauty, the body , the height, excellent walk,intelligence, plus she has a great humble attitude and is very willing to take on this enormous task of being mother earths ambassador.


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