Saturday, November 28, 2015

competition is heating up at the miss earth 2015 pageant in vienna , austria. the ladies were divided into two groups for the cocktail wear competition at the auhof center. the gorgeous miss earth candidates presented their most exquisite cocktail dresses for a chance to win medals for this event. in the first group the victorious ladies were:

                   gold medal - guatemala sara guerrero

                   silver medal - dominican rep. alexandra parker

                   bronze medal - chile natividad leiva

it was a tight competition for the 2nd group where the ladies displayed unmatched pizzazz, elegance and grace that enamored the spectators present. 2nd group winners were:

                             gold medal - panama carmen jaramillo

                             silver medal - ecuador angela bonilla

                     bronze medal - mongolia bayartsettsegg altangerel

find out on december 5th at marx halle in vienna who emerges the ultimate green goddess to campaign for the protection of mother earth!!!!

thanks to albert stern, virtual nights and philipp hutter for the stunning photos.


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