Saturday, November 28, 2015

Outgoing titleholder: Mister International 2014
Neil Perez of the Philippines

Photo Courtesy of Joy Arguil

Puerto Rico - Fernando Alvarez
Photo Credit: Joy Arguil
Streamlining the 36 delegates of Mister International 2015 down to the first cut of 15 semifinalists was undoubtedly an uphill task, more so in choosing the winning circle of 5 as there are plenty of great quality contenders among the batch worthy of the coveted spot. So the chosen ones you will see below are the cream of the crop that I personally think will have the most potential to slip through the prying eyes of the appointed judges for the said competition. 

In alphabetical order (with their national costumes in display), my picks for the top 15 are as follows: Australia (Chris Nayna), Brazil (Anderson Tomazini), Colombia (Christian Hernandez), Czech Republic (Jakub Kraus), Dominical Republic (Freds Rivera), Italy (Andrea Luceri), Lebanon (Farid Matar), Mexico (Alejandro Ruiz), Panama (Julian Torres), Philippines (Reniel Villareal), Puerto Rico (Fernando Alvarez), Spain (Daniel Barreres), Sweden (Ivan Virriat), Switzerland (Pedro Mendes) and Venezuela (Rafael Angelucci). Bubbling under are the delegates from Belgium (Karim Setta), India (Halley Laithangbam) and Poland (Rafal Jonkisz). 

It isn't surprising that the contenders from Latin America and Europe mostly comprised my top ten. Aside from being the fiercest competitors among the bunch, they're also the ones who are immensely blessed with the demi-god-like stance and commanding presence. They are also the face and the body of the competition gifted with an overall appeal which can be appreciated internationally. Brazil, Dominican Republic, Italy, Lebanon, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland made it to my list with Colombia and Costa Rica trailing behind. 

Brazil - Anderson Tomazini
Now for my Top 5, I personally based my choices mostly on the physical attributes of each aspirant, their winsome charisma, popularity, and their overall performances from the beginning until the final phase of the competition. Of course other factors (like politics for example) might inevitably come into play and spoil the whole final outcome of the pageant's finale. However if I were to decide alone, the most deserving ones should prevail.

So for me, the battle for supremacy should be between the handsome delegates from Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and the Philippines. Although I have some reservations that the Philippines might not be able to make it through the winning circle since last year's winner and the reigning titleholder is a Filipino and secondly, the pageant is being held in the country. So these might be the possible odds that might hinder Reniel's chances of winning the top plum but I am still hoping though that the host delegate will be judged fairly. 

Top 5: Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and Philippines

Spain's Daniel Barreres, Brazil's Anderson Tomazini and the Swiss debonair Pedro Mendes are my personal choice of victors who might easily snatch the title of tomorrow's Mister International finals. Switzerland is my ultimate pick for the top spot followed by Brazil (First Runner-Up) and Spain (Second Runner-Up) by a hairline. Puerto Rico comes next as the Third Runner-Up with Philippines getting the Fourth Runner-Up. Possible alternates are Sweden's Ivan Virriat, Lebanon's Farid Matar and Dominican Republic's Freds Rivera.

Switzerland - Pedro Mendes for Mister International 2015
Photo Courtesy of Joy Arguil


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