Wednesday, November 18, 2015

miss earth 2015 is here and everyone is having sleepless nights, palpitations and pure excitement as the girls start to arrive in vienna, austria for a chance to grab the most elusive, most celebrated and most coveted crown in pageantry, the miss earth crown. but before the barrage of activities begin , let us honor the hardwork all the 2015 contestants have put in the last few months. they have made a contribution to mankind that no money can equal and a legacy that transcends time, generations and riches.they have cleaned up beaches, campaigned for environmental causes, released turtles into the sea,toured different schools to get the message accross to the young children about environmental protection, collected garbage, built houses , climbed mountains to raise funds and planted thousands of trees.and this brings us to the BIG O2CHALLENGE a project of the best national director of 2014 catherine constantinides and carla viktor miss earth south africa 2015. this project happened on november 9th where people from all over the world planted at least 21 trees through the miss earth contestants  as countdown to the climate change conference happening on november 30th in france.

here are our beautiful ladies planting trees:

                                     south africa- carla viktor

                                        france - alyssa wurtz

                                    panama - carmen jaramillo

                               new caledonia - julia roquigny

                                   chile - natividad leiva

                                  philippines - angelia ong

new zealand - anna-lissa christiane

india - aaital khosla

mauritius - katia moochoram 

malaysia - danielle wong

venezuela - andrea rosales

thailand - chavika watrsang

myanmar - eaint myat chal

mexico - gladys flores simon

reunion island - jade seyne soune

ukraine - viktoria orel

                                                      israel - shams touraani

                                              el salvador - pamela valdivieso

one of the reasons why miss earth became very successful is because they act out what ever it is they are advocating. the women are not just participating in a beauty pageant looking all glamorous and made up, they get down and dirty literally and get their hands working and show everyone they are true to their causes. thats is why the united nations,and governments around the world respect and look to miss earth for ideas, inspiration and they see miss earth as a partner to make things initiated and implemented because they know miss earth delivers. thats why miss earth is supported by the austrian government in its 2015 edition. more countries are bidding for the miss earth pageant with the backing of major companies and government institutions because everyone knows miss earth is the most relevant, most exciting and fastest growing pageant of today.

                               italy - aurora pianegonda

                                                         bolivia - vinka nemer

                               bahamas - daronique young

                                                       brazil - thiessa sickert

                          mongolia - bayartsettseg altangerel

                                   portugal - berth elouga

                                 guatemala - sara guerrero

                                      poland - magdalena ho

                                                   usa - brittany anne payne

                                                         kenya - linda gatere

                                 australia - dayanna grageda

                                    belize - christine syme

                                    crimea - daria zeleneva

                                          czech republic - karolina malisova

                                                 paraguay - andrea melgarejo

                                  croatia - anamarija jurisic

                                                sweden - maria taipaleenmaki

                                                      japan - ayano yamada

                                 argentina - julieta fernandez

                                                  suriname - giselle reinberg


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