Sunday, November 8, 2015

the eco-video of the gorgeous and exotic asiatic beauty has become an internet sensation. in less than 24 hours it has gathered more than 20,000 views becoming the most watched eco-video of 2015. a fantastic production that highlights the magnificent beauty of mongolia, its people and of course the ethereal modern beauty of miss earth mongolia 2015 bayartsetseg and be mesmerized at the stunning landscapes , mysterious culture of mongolia and the awesome adventurous spirit of bayartsetseg.

bayartsetseg is a woman of many facets and qualities, she is a strong independent soul that goes for whatever she dreamed of and make it a reality. she is an actress appearing in a hollywood tv series MARCO POLO, she also models, travels the world and most importantly she is an advocate of mother earth planting more than 100,000 trees in mongolia via an organization she helped establish.this is one woman who has her fate in her hands and she means to make it one that is unforgettable.


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