Saturday, December 5, 2015

after months of preparation, excitement , expectation, hardwork the big day has come, miss earth 2015 coronation night in vienna austria at exactly 8 pm.the most exciting pageant of the year with the most relevant cause is going to choose the queen who will be the voice of mother earth. 87 beautiful ,intelligent, dedicated ,intelligent, compassionate and well accomplished women will battle it out for the top spot and travel the world spreading the message of environmental protection! witness as miss earth 2014  jamie herrell turns pver her crown together with elemental queens miss earth air andrea neu and miss earth fire 2014 anastasia trusova of russia.all inhabitants of the earth need to watch as this pageant fights for the environment , so the future generations can still have the nature we have enjoyed and unfortunately are the livestreaming links:

from rappler:

from hey u media:

watch out for the live telecast on nex tv in panama, in new caledonia, in suriname. it will also be on delayed telecast via mexico and abs-cbn in the philippines and all over the world where the filipino channel operates.

we say thank you to the most beautiful, most hardworking and the nicest queen pageantry has seen in 2014. jamie personified and lived her year as a true earth warrior. we bow down in respect and gratitude!

also in austria to crown their successors are the two elemental winners last year who are beacons of pure elegance, grace , charm, class and timeless beauty. miss earth air 2014 andrea neu from the usa and miss earth fire 2014 anastasia trusova from russia. you will be awedand completely starstruck at these two queens once you meet them.

the three most beautiful queens of 2014 no doubt about that.

2015 batch is one of the best batches ever gathered for the miss earth pageant. it will be real battle of beauties and that all the more makes it so exciting. they are also the batch with so much support from their homeground first time ever that eco videos have reached views never heard of in miss earth history and the fans are rallying behind their queens. we wish all of them the best of luck but there is only one miss earth 2015 crown but with all the experiences, friendships, knowledge and learning you all have won!


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