Friday, December 4, 2015

EBD's choice for Miss Earth 2015: Carmen Jaramillo

Miss Earth-Air 2015: Mongolia -
Miss Earth-Water 2015: Austria -
Miss Earth-Fire 2015: Philippines - Angelia Ong

There's no time left to go around the bush here so I will go straight to the main point of the matter. Panama's bet Carmen Jaramillo is my ultimate pick for the Miss Earth 2015 crown followed by Mongolia's Bayartsetseg Altangerel. From day one until the homestretch, Carmen is consistently gorgeous! She also leads the medal-earning challenges of the competition among the 90 plus delegates vying for the crown! So it is clear that this Latina stunner is indeed, the girl to beat in this year's edition. The crown is for her to lose, so to speak. 

Speaking about Mongolia, you might be surprised why I chose her because when it comes to facial beauty, obviously, there are quite a handful of girls who can outshine her. However, Miss Earth as we all know is more than just a pretty face and with her credentials and accomplishments in championing environmental campaigns, the Mongolian delegate tops the list.

Austria's Sophie Totzauer is another crown-worthy delegate. No, it's not because of the homecourt advantage that she is enjoying right now but rather the girl simply deserves to be included in the winning circle for all the right reasons. Should she falter in the Q & A which I don't think she would, Philippines' Angelia Ong and even Venezuela's Andrea Rosales or Thailand's Chavika could easily grab that elemental spot from her.

Coming stronger are the ladies from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Korea, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and the USA!

Goodluck Earthlings!

Don't forget to watch the Miss Earth 2015 Coronation show tomorrow, December 5th, live from Marx Halle, Vienna, Austria. The finals will also be shown in the Philippines via Rappler's Live Stream  on December 6th, 3AM Manila time.


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