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Who will be the new Miss Universe?

The last two women standing last year - Colombia and USA!
Barely hours away from now, and the grandest beauty battle in the universe will be staged live from the luxurious vicinity of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, USA and everyone is so excited to witness the crowning moment of the new Miss Universe. So who do you think will walk away with the crown among the 80 gorgeous ladies in contention? Do you have your bets in mind on who will make the first cut? Well, I firmly believe you have.

The Preliminary Competition was undeniably the game changer. Some of the hyped early front runners were not able to deliver as expected, in fact only a few of them have managed to maintain the momentum. There were also quite some pleasant surprises, contenders who were not noticed at first but eventually skyrocketed to the leaderboard's list with their impressive presentations.

Based on the candidates' overall performances in swimwear and evening gown segments including their perceived wit and communication skills during the closed-door interview, may I present to you my top 15 delegates who will most likely crack through the semi-final round on the coronation night, beginning with France!

"Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above the rubies. Proverbs 31:10

The Top 15

So in my own list, there are 5 South Americans, 4 Europeans, 3 Asians, and 1 each from the Caribbean, North America and Australia. I would like to include an African delegate however I just couldn't find one who can outlast the above contenders. Me thinks that the Africans this year are the weakest in the group, and they're always being outshined by their fiercest competitors from the Latin and Asian continents. 

Heating up....

India in her evening gown
during the Preliminaries.
There is no doubt that Urvashi Rautela of India and Pham Huong of Vietnam are gifted with the most beautiful faces among the Asians this year along with Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines. They look so gorgeous in still images and their facial beauty screams perfection. I was personally rooting for Urvashi and Pham to make it through my top ten list until the time when they all presented on stage in both segments during the Preliminary Competition. I was quite disappointed with Urvashi's styling and make-up. It was overdone and it made her looked older than her actual age. While Vietnam looked prettier with her red hot lipstick, her evening gown gave me some 'costumey' vibe. She also ruined her catwalk presentation with those exaggerated movements of her shoulders and extremities. However if these concerns will be addressed come finals, they might be able to slip through the winning circle smoothly. 

Peru's Laura Spoya started strong in the competition. I
Miss Vietnam during evening
gown prelim.presentation.
thought she's a force to be reckoned with. Her facial beauty is the exact definition of classic elegance. However she tried to be too fierce in her presentation that she forgot that her strongest asset mainly lies in her sweet, serene demeanor. I also think that her thinner frame makes her less appealing, but facially, she's undeniably a stunner.

Georgia's Janet Kerdikoshvili is an incredibly pretty blonde no less but she failed to make a memorable impression with her bland presentation during the prelims. Whilst Georgia delivered a nearly passionless approach, Russia's Vladislava Evtushenko conveyed an insanely eccentric aura with her quirky yet attractive stare during the two segments of the competition. She's also one of the youngest at 19 among the competitors this year, and her hourglass figure is to die for!

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works...!" Psalm 139:14

The Top 10

Truth be told,  I am really expecting much from the Venezuelan representative. When you say, Venezuela, the performance is always superb combined with the most elegant, sparkling wardrobe and exceptional 'pasarela'. But during the preliminaries, I just couldn't see it with Mariana. I am not sure if being lax is still part of their gameplan, but I guess it's not working effectively for her. Her kind of beauty is also a bit on the 'masculine' side, which isn't my type. But knowing their 'sash factor' in pageantry, I have a feeling that she will make it through, nonetheless. 

Needless to say, I was in awe with Kosovo's Mirjeta Shala. She breathed sophistication all throughout the competition and I honestly think that she will fair well on the finals. The same is true with Paraguay's Myriam Arevalos. She is elegance and style personified. She actually reminds me of Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler from Venezuela. Not your overly-hyped contenders but had successfully made a pleasantly surprising turn when it mattered the most. 

Dominican Republic in
her evening gown.
Clarissa Molina from the Dominican Republic is a Latina bombshell with her youthful stance and alluring presence. She is ‘uber gorgeous’ and she has a striking resemblance with the Philippines’ bet Pia Wurtzbach. The only thing that might keep her from advancing to the final rounds would be her evening gown. It wasn’t fabulous as I’ve expected and it didn’t compliment well with her angelic beauty. However if she will don an outstanding ensemble come finals, she will easily breeze through the triumvirate of victors and might win it all!

The Colombian stunner named Ariadna Arevalo is certainly gaining her grounds. She is poised to follow the feat of Venezuela with a back-to-back win and I must say that she has the goods to duplicate such tall order. However my vision with her wearing the crown isn’t that clear just yet. She might successfully break through the final rounds but clinching the top honors is a far shot.

Brazil (Marthina Brandt) and Australia (Monika Radulovic) together with USA (Olivia Jordan), France (Flora Coquerel) and the Philippines(Pia Wurtzbach) are my locked in choices for the Top 5. During the preliminaries, I was literally ‘starstruck’ with Brazil’s and Australia’s shimmering gowns. The two looked so divine and exceptionally beautiful. Brazil’s only waterloo might be the make-or-break question and answer portion. She’ll most likely be utterly eclipsed by the stunning native speakers from Australia and the USA as well as from the English-speaking country in South-East Asia who are all gifted with wit and eloquence. 

My gut feel is telling me that France might be the only black beauty in the competition who has the strongest chances to advance in the final fifteen as well as in the top three together with Philippines and the USA. Her towering frame and exotic form are just mesmerizing. Flora’s only weak point that might stop her from securing the top spot might be her not-so-impeccable presentation skills. However if she’ll be able to pull off her A game come finals, she’ll definitely give the other frontrunners a run for their money.

"She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25

Photographed by Missosology

And the last two women standing in my prediction list will be Philippines and the USA. Both are pageant veterans who are well knowledgeable of the tried and tested tricks in winning a beauty battle. History might repeat itself once more just like three years ago when Janine Tugonon and Olivia Culpo were the only ones left standing in the finals. But this time around, a certain twist of fate might just happen when the Philippines will be proclaimed the ultimate victor over the hometown girl. Pia Wurtzbach is ‘unstoppable’. She is the epitome of diligence and determination. Hers is a journey that a faint-hearted aspirant couldn’t traverse. During the preliminaries, she remained unperturbed from the gown fiasco a few hours before the presentation. She displayed a melodramatic projection when she started walking in her evening gown – a piercing stare then gradually flashing her congenial smile right before the adoring crowd and the panel of judges. Her movements were not overly done, just the right amount of pose and sway of the hips. So Regal and oozing with class and sophistication!

There might be somewhat inevitable factors in the coronation finale that might hold them back from penetrating through the needle-like hole in the magic circle, but I honestly think that if ‘lady luck’ will anoint these contenders on that fateful eve, I firmly believe that they can withstand it all with full sheer confidence and grace.

"Your beauty should be that of your inner self , the unfading beauty of a gentle and quite spirit which is of great worth in God's sight." 1 Peter 3:4

Good luck ladies and may the best girl win!


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