Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Women in general love beautiful things and stylish gowns are arguably a few of those items they mostly fancied for. In a prestigious international beauty pageant like Miss Universe, extremely fabulous gowns are nothing new. Almost all of the contestants aiming for the crown would even consult the expertise of the world-renowned couturiers and designers just to ensure that they will stand out in a sea of world-class beauties. 

When looking for a gown, simplicity and elegance are two of my primary criteria and the rest will just follow. Simple yet elegant gown means that it is not vulgar and contains just the right amount of sophistication as well as artistry to bring out the best elements of the one wearing it. It should not overshadow but rather enhance or at least compliment the beauty of the woman. It is also equally important that the wearer knows how to put some dash of magic in it, in other words, she must be knowledgeable enough on how to carry it with aplomb!

Here are the samples of the gorgeous pieces of evening gowns from the presently-contested Miss Universe 2015 beauty pageant: 


I'm quite disappointed with the Philippines' evening gown portrait. Too tacky and underwhelming. It doesn't suit well with Pia's type of body. Good thing, she's extraordinarily beautiful and has managed to pull it off decently. But it shouldn't be the case with the months of preparations her team had before the Miss Universe season finals. And how come the Colombian head honcho would always resort with outdated wardrobe for our delegates when a lot of world-class Filipino designers are clamoring to dress our girls? This has always been the problem in decades and it will continue unless the boss matriarch who is not a natural-born Filipino citizen will give up the franchise or someone in power will step up and do something! 


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