Saturday, December 5, 2015

Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell from the Philippines crowns the new winner, Miss Earth
2015 Angelia Ong from the Philippines. 

It's a back-t0-back win for the Philippines!

In what could be an unexpected turn of events, Philippines surprisingly pulled off an almost impossible feat of winning the Miss Earth crown for two consecutive years. The first country who clinched a back-to-back win in the pageant's 15-year history.

Angelia Ong bested 85 other earth warriors from around the world and won the Miss Earth 2015 crown during the finals held in the majestic city of Vienna, Austria. Coming close was Australia's Dayanna Grageda nudging the Miss Earth-Air title, followed by USA's Brittany Payne nabbing the Miss Earth-Water with Brazil's Thiessa Sickert as Miss Earth-Fire.

Austria (Sophie Totzauer), Chile (Natividad Leiva), Colombia (Estefania Munoz), and Venezuela (Andrea Rosales) completed the Top 8 finalists.

Angelia Ong is the third Filipina who was crowned Miss Earth.

Congratulations to the set of winners!

Miss Earth-Air 2015 Australia's Dayanna Grageda crowned by Miss Earth-Air 2014 Andrea
Neu of USA.

The newly-crowned Miss Earth-Water 2015, USA's Brittany Payne

Miss Earth-Fire 2015 is Brazil's Thiessa Sickert succeeding last year's winner Miss Earth-Fire 2014 Anastasia Trusova.


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