Friday, December 25, 2015

miss earth 2015 was a very successful event, it was one of only two pageants that trended for over 24 hours on facebook during the final show the other one being miss universe. miss earth was heard , talked about and discussed all over the world making it the most exciting and most widely followed edition to date. so much so non pageant sites featured it due to miss earth became a top trending topic for over 24 hours reaching over 6 million people during coronation night! relive the moments of the most fluid, most clean,most glamorous and nerve wrecking pageant night!

the top  16 announcement at miss earth 2015 was the best announcement of the big 4 pageant, the ladies were given enough time to shine and props to hosts joey mead and oli pettigrew for a well executed and full of suspenseful excitement of the top 16. this is the most awaited portion of the pageant as it is the biggest cut and the fans look forward to it every year making never ending guesses as to who makes this prestigious group of top 16.the selection process followed the traditional continental semifinalists where certain slots were assigned to the 4 continents depending on the amount of candidates in that group. 6 ladies from europe, 5 ladies from the americas, 4 ladies from asia/oceania and 1 lady from africa.  

lets discuss europe: europe although had the biggest contingent in terms of number it was not a very strong group as there is not one girl who is strong on all departments that could really clinch the crown from asia and the americas this years blood bath regions.i wish sweden was part of the top 16, she was too beautiful not to have earned that top 16 spot.

hungary- dorina lepp was a pleasant surprise as she was not on anybody's favorites.she did show she was worthy of it by coming out fighting with a very hot swimsuit performance and looking like a bronzed bombshell onstage. she also did her best in the activities and showed the organization she wants to make a mark.

ukraine - at first viktoria orel i thought was one of the strongest in europe and could actually give the latinas a run for their money. i actually thought she was going to be one of the top 4 before arrivals,but during the activities she kinda lost her sparkle and was not really trying to stand out.she was one of those who had the goods tall glamazon, beautiful face, nice body unfortunately she did not maximize her potentials. she also gained weight during the course of the pageant thus her swimsuit performance was a tad poor.but still congratulations to viktoria for making the top 16, that doesnt take away her undeniable beauty, her pleasant friendly nature and her fun loving personality.

czech republic - beautiful girl , very charming and looks like an A list moviestar on all her appearances. karolina malisova showed her vibrance and exquisite beauty and was always looking expensive everyday but not forgetting the true essence of miss earth and that is showing sincerity and hardwork.

scotland - glamor girl circa old hollywood, amy meisak reminded you of those times where style is extravagant and women took pleasure in being desirable and glamorous.she was gorgeous especially in the evening gown round.

france - alyssa wurtz represented her counry with so much honor and dignity. she was one lady you look up to as she lived and breathe the miss earth cause teaching her students about environmental protection everyday as a lecturer and teacher.she is a woman of substance with an elegant regal flair about her. well deserved placement and sylvie tellier did well in choosing her over the other girls for miss earth.

austria - she is one exotic mysterious beauty, the host country girl made sure she brings austria into the honor roll of miss earth and she did that and much more. sophie totzauer was a lovely sight to behold with a cool cat subdued fierceness she can only deliver.glittery eyeshadow never looked so good on anyone,sophie rocked this so perfectly.

now lets go to the americas where the real bloodbath happened, this region sent an armada of gorgeous ,tall ,well prepared ladies who are out to capture a crown. it was bound to happen , many early favorites were left out clapping in the background as there are only 5 slots alloted for this region and there are more than 10 girls who are crown contenders in this part of the world. if it were up to me i would place mexico,guatemala, panama or ecuador over venezuela anytime. of the 5 girls who made the top 16, venezuela was the weakest link and im surprised to say this as venezuela is a miss earth powerhouse placing in the top 4 consecutively for 4 years and a finalist for 10 consecutive years with no miss!

usa - brittany anne payne came to austria to conquer and conquer she did. her classic american beauty complemented by great body,amazing stage presence plus grit and determination all make up for an unbeatable candidate. brittany showed the organization she knows what kind of pageant she is in and is willing to make the effort to prove she is worthy of the job. after preliminaries brittany was the frontrunner and she sealed that with another elemental crown for usa.

brazil - thiessa sickert is a latina glamazon who is very beautiful and very nice especially in person. brazilians know the formula to do well at miss earth, miss earth is the survival of the fittest and the strongest. the miss earth organization puts the girls in challneging situations in order to test who really wants it and who will persevere till the end and be rewarded with the crown.brazilian girls are not only known to be beautiful their miss earth girls are the most humble and friendly.

chile - natividad leiva has a strong support from a well established organization in her country. so its no surprise natividad came ready to slay. she has a very exotic beautiful face and her pizzazz was shown in maximum at the coronation night. she looked very sensual and sexy onstage.

colombia - estefania munoz was my sentimental favorite , my winner and one of the most beautiful at this years pageant. she had everything to win colombia's first miss earth crown , unfortunately she fizzled towards the end, i wished estefania gave it one last strong breath and effort, unfortunately it was not meant to be. she could have been a good winner and will introduce miss earth to another big pageant powerhouse in south america colombia.hopefully elias tobon comes up with somone just as good or even better that will finally put colombia in the royal elemnta court of miss earth.

venezuela - she was very lucky she made the top 16, her beauty carried her to the top 16 because performance wise she was very underwhelming. she is the weakest miss venezuela ever sent ny osmel sousa to date. andrea rosales was not ready to compete physically, mentally and emotionally. that is why she was unable to standout because she needed more training and was totally unprepared for what was in store for her in vienna.also andrea did not have the sash factor advantage her predecessors had in the philippines. see austria is not a pageant crazy country so the austrian judges do not know venezuela is a powerhouse, they will judge andrea according to her performance and she did not give a convincing one.i hope the next miss venezuela earth for 2016 will be chosen early so she will have enough time to prepare and train.

asia/oceania is the other battleground, this year this region sent some of the most beautiful,most complete and most dedicated earth warriors who have the best projects and the most noteworthy activities that are related to mother earth.they have invested so much time, effort and hardwork to really spread the cause of mother earth , so in the end the top 2 came from this group.

philippines - angelia ong had the most difficult task at hand, that is to convince the judges to give her the crown considering the current winner is from the philippines as well. angelia did not for once hinder the big obstacle from her achieving the impossible. she worked tirelessly on the advocacy , trained herself on the beauty pageant skills and connected with the right people who can give her the right tips in order to win the crown. angelia is the type of beauty that does not astound on her first meeting but hers is the kind of beauty that grows on you the longer you spend time with her. knowing how miss earth is a marathon, first impressions dont last, you have to continuously prove yourself till the very end. that is how angelia played it, she was patient ,determined, she knows its not about making a big bang at the beginning but rather creating a more slow lasting impact till the end, she kept her cool remained hardworking and never lost focus. the ultimate prize she was given.

australia - dayanna grageda is a woman who symbolizes strength, resilience and unwavering in the pursuit of her dreams. she had to join miss earth australia three times, even winning it last year only to be dethroned but that did not stop her , she came back stronger and voila an elemental crown.

mongolia - bayartsetsegg altangerel has the whole world at her feet in awe. this woman from mongolia made history by producing the most watched, most celebrated, most talked about eco video in the history of miss earth. she is a woman of many talents and she exhibited that in the activities, that she can be a great  leader, a perfect ambassador and a resounding voice for the miss earth cause. although asia/oceania had so many classic beautiful faces this year, mongolia managed to go past them with her rather unconventional exotic beautiful look.

guam - she is the biggest surprise of the night, i think she herself was utterly surprised of her inclusion.this is a historic victory for the small island of guam as in the years that they have joined miss earth, although sending some top notch girls, they always failed to make the top 16. skye baker changed all that with her girly charm and one of the pageant's most beautiful faces. although skye could have made an effort to tone her body up as it was obvious she was not pageant ready body wise. considering there were the likes of thailand, sri lanka, new caledonia, malaysia, myanmar who were equally facially stunning , bodies were awesome plus they were taller and had better projects, the judges chose guam. i am most happy for the national director frank santos who has tirelessly worked to produce the best of what guam has to offer. proud of you frank and more success to miss earth guam organization.

for africa,  visa application approvals have decreased their number this year as 5 african girls were unable to acquire the visa in time to participate at this years pageant. only one spot was alloted to africa as it had very few participants this year.

mauritius - katia moochoram was the flag bearer for africa this year, she is beautiful and has a unique face from the beautiful exotic mix that is the mauritian people. mauritius sends its most beautiful candidates only to miss earth , not in any other pageants. im glad katia made it as she has set her eyes on the crown a long time and she proudly put mauritius on the beauty pageant map again by placing the top 16.

top 16 swimsuit competition

in this segment of the pageant the best girls were usa , philippines,mongolia, colombia and australia. love the music , the energy, especially the background its very relaxing to the eyes and aesthetically favors the beauties of the ladies.the europeans showed their utmost weakness in pageants, although possessing beautiful faces they lack stage presence thats why they get cut easily from the top 8 because they have poor stage skills.this is where the well trained latinas and asians edge the europeans out, since when the top 16 are chosen the scores go back to zero and whatever they did in the preliminaries is gone and the selection will depend on their stage performance.

top16 evening gown competition

vienna is the perfect venue for showing the elegance, grace and royal aura of the girls. this year the ladies put their best foor forward and really mesmerized everyone with some very beautiful gown performances. this is the segment which i think philippines started to move up the competition and drove it up and never let go. that light gold gown was exquisite and she looked flawless in it. it hugged all her soft curves and showcased her fine asian features. she loooked perfection in this gown. second favorite is scotland, she loooked like a moviestar coming out for her most imporatnt red carpet appearnce albeit that white lining showing on the rightside of her dress. that must have cost some points but she looked fabulous. next is austria , the gown was very simple yet very sexy and sophie carried it like mysterious swan on stage. next is mongolia, this woman does not stop mesmerizing everyone. she is a star and showed everyone how a star should glide on stage, awesomeness.and the last one goes to chile who worked this ensemble to its maximum potential. chile was sexy and vivacious onstage.

top 8 announcement

honestly i cant get enough of this portion, the top 8 announcement was the most exciting and so suspensseful announcement ever i have seen in any beauty pageant. the music perfectly builds up and the hosts just adds up to the moment with their heartfelt announcement, so much so the crowd was pumped up cheering for their favorites. love it!!!!

the top 8 was on point except for one, i thought mongolia deserved to be up there . to me mongolia should have placed over venezuela, but the judges decided and so lets repect that.

question and answer round

this is the portion where we hear the ladies speak and we can see the judges chose the most articulate, most knowledgeable ladies to comprise the royal eleamental court. this time the crown was between philippines and austria with those quick witted meaningful answers. 

winners announcement

very deserving winners, they are true women of the earth willing to get down and get their hands dirty for the cause. miss earth is not looking for a supermodel,rather miss earth is looking for a beautiful ambassadress who will fight for the preservation of our beloved mother earth.

thanks to philip hutter and for the lovely photos!


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