Friday, April 15, 2016

The fate of 40 candidates for Binibining Pilipinas 2016 will finally be revealed come coronation night this Sunday (April 17th) in the Araneta Coliseum. Who do you think will be Pia Wurtzbach's successor for the most coveted Miss Universe Philippines crown? A total of six crowns and titles will be given for this year's Binibini search who will become the country's flag bearers in the international beauty competition overseas. 

Let's see if this list of Binibini that I have predicted to win, will emerge victorious in the grand coronation. So in no particular order, my Top 15 Binibining Pilipinas are as follows: 

L-R: Nichole Manalo (28), Paula Rich Bartolome (14) and Sheena Dalo (18)
15. Nichole Manalo (28) - After her semi-final stint in 2014, I have a strong feeling that the 26 year-old Registered Nurse might finally win a crown. She came well polished and prepared and nothing can stop her now from achieving her dreams. The only possible waterloo that may hinder her from reaching the top spot would be her final performance in the question and answer portion.

14. Paula Rich Bartolome (14) - Also a repeater from the 2014 batch, Paula Rich has also blossomed well into a fine contender. She's quite an upgrade from her last Binibini stint and let's see if the odds will be on her favor come coronation night. I am hoping though her communication skills have also improved, if not, she will definitely be outshined by the equally stunning and eloquent ladies.

13.Sheena Dalo (18) - Her height is her edge along with her beautiful Pinay looks. This statuesque Ilocana native has great potentials and might be able to steal the thunder from the other front runners.

Kimberle Mae Penchon (4), Kristine Estoque (15), Kylie Verzosa (31)

12. Kimberle Mae Penchon (4) - A pageant veteran, Kimberle looks every inch in her best elements and fighting form. She appears more facially appealing than before and whatever beauty enhancements she might have gone through, are just impressive!

11. Kristine Estoque (15) - Whenever I see her, I am always reminded of the past titleholders. She seems to fit the mold of the past winners. I am not quite sure though if her charm will work on her favor these days but let's see.

10. Kylie Verzosa (31) - After a semi-final finish last year, my gut feel is telling me that Kylie might end up with a crown this time around. She has performed pretty well in this edition and looks great in still images as well as in motion. It's only when she smiles wide open that she seems to look less mesmerizing since her chin is quite shorter, other than that she's gorgeous!

Angelica Alita (38), Angelique Deleon (7), Anjellica Lopez (25)

9. Angelica Alita (38) - She seems to be the face of the competition. She looks so 'artistahin' and with that beautiful face, she could easily turn heads. The only thing that I am most concern about is her height. She has the same height (5'5" and a half) with Miss International 2005 Lara Quigaman. So if there's a crown that best fits for her it would be the Mikimoto-bound crown of Binibining Pilipinas. 

8. Angelique De Leon (7) - She has done so well in bringing out her best elements. I applaud her courage and determination to overcome her weaknesses and be in her tip top shape. She seems to be well-spoken too and a well-rounded binibini. Her drive to win is palpable and you could feel her thirst for a crown. I am hoping all her hard work will be rewarded this time.

7. Anjellica Lopez (25) - A statuesque beauty, Angelica comes out to be a strong contender. If she would be able to overcome her achilles heel which is her communication skills, then breezing through the winning circle is very feasible.

Maria Gigante (36), Maxine Medina (29), and Nicole Cordoves (11)

6. Maria Gigante (36) - Eloquent and confidently beautiful, Maria will surely charm you when she speaks. Communication-wise she's a winner, her English skills are good and she talks spontaneously. I am not quite surprised with this, since most of the 'Bisaya' are well-versed in the English language and turns to be the best speakers among the region.

5. Maxine Medina (29) - She is a top contender among the bunch and there are so many good reasons why she excels than the rest of her competitors. In all aspects, Maxine has it. Her kind of beauty would also stand tall and proud when she will be competing abroad. She has mastered such sophisticated yet delicate aura which truly shines and stands out. She's also a breathe of fresh air should she be appointed to be the Philippines' flag bearer in the Holy Grail of all the pageant derbies. 

4. Nicole Cordoves (11) - She's giving me a Bianca Guidotti vibe! Just like Bianca, Nicole is also an eloquent speaker, so beware when she'll be given the opportunity to speak out her mind in the final rounds of the Q and A. Consistency is so far the only problem that might stop her from achieving the most coveted spot. Sometimes, she loses her spark in some events, but overall, she's a silent slayer! 

Apriel Smith (22), Dindi Pajares (27) and Jennifer Hammond (26)

3. Apriel Smith (22) - Dusky and modelesque, Apriel will never leave the competition without giving a fight! Although a top 6 finish ain't so plausible for now. But who knows? 

2. Dindi Pajares - Truth be told, Dindi has a striking resemblance with Vietnamese beauty Pham Huong who competed last year in Miss Universe won by our very own Pia Wurtzbach. Her beauty captivates and I'm so certain that if she wins, she'll be a great representative for the Philippines in the international beauty arena.

1. Jennifer Hammond (26) - A Philippine Nursing Licensure Board Examination topnotcher and a Cum Laude graduate, there's no doubt, Jennifer is the brightest among the bunch of beauties and we all know, that the Lady Matriach of Binibining Pilipinas are fond of such beautiful and intelligent women. However, I just couldn't feel that she might ace this year's competition, although I am pretty sure that her achievements will never go unnoticed. 

The Final Verdict:

Angelica Alita - Binibining Pilipinas 2016 First Runner-Up
Angelique DeLeon - Binibining Pilipinas 2016 Second Runner-Up

Maxine Medina - Miss Universe Philippines 2016
Kylie Verzosa - Binibining Pilipinas International 2016
Nichole Manalo - Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2016
Nicole Cordoves - Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2016
Paula Rich Bartolome - Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2016
Dindi Pajares - Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2016


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