Thursday, May 26, 2016

miss earth 2015 angelia ong and miss earth 2014 jamie herrell guested at CNN yesterday morning to talk about the advocacies of miss earth as well their work in order to spread awareness of environmental protection. as evidenced in this interview a miss earth winner is a complete integral woman. she is beautiful ,intelligent, witty, charismatic, hardworking, smart, sensible ,humble,dedicated, committed and full of heart. we are going to run out of superlatives when we describe an earth queen, because a true earth warrior is complete and limitless. she is a phenomenon that should be celebrated , because very few women can truly be a genuine miss earth queen and really live up to its ideal of " BEAUTIES FOR A CAUSE"and these two ladies embody the title to its fullest! 

watch the video:

jamie and angelia slayed this interview with their beauty and wit. trust a miss earth queen to be eloquent, knowledgeable and always ready to impart us with wisdom by living as examples for all of us to follow. jamie was beaming with freshness,spontaneity,bubbliness and never fails to give bight brilliant answers delivered with innocent girly charm. angelia is the image of ethereal calmness with cool elegance that makes you want to know and hear about what she has to say more. the back to back was not only historic , it was a well deserved fairly won victory.


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