Friday, May 6, 2016

Miss Earth Quebec 2012 Julie Gauthier will be choreographing the Miss Earth CANADA 2016 Pageant in August!
Julie started dancing at the age of 2, following in the footsteps of her mother, a dance teacher. 
She explored all types of dance styles from ballet to hip hop and even gymnastics. After seeing the movie Dirty Dancing for the hundred time, she started to take Ballroom dance classes and soon started to compete in prestigious competitions all around Quebec, returning home with multiple gold medals. She taught Jazz for over 10 years and she has now become a professional belly dancer, her favorite style. She was a semi-finalist on the show Canada’s got talent for her Belly dancing performance. She was then recruited to be the lead choreographer in an on stage musical that captured the best moments of the Quebec top musical shows such as Don Juan, Schérazade and Notre-Dame de Paris. In the pageant world, Julie competed in multiple pageants, including Miss Universe Canada, where she was second runner up for the Star Quality Award. She also was Miss Earth Quebec 2012 and won Miss Talent in the Miss Earth Canada pageant. As the reigning Miss Quebec, she was a guest judge for the talent competition at the Miss Earth Canada pageant in 2013. Julie has been teaching Zumba for the last 6 years, where she is able to use her background in multiple dance styles.
WELCOME BACK, Julie! heart emoticon


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