Wednesday, May 11, 2016

on may 1st miss earth 2015 angelia ong and miss earth air 2015 dayanna grageda embarked on their first official international trip of their reign. they travelled to the exotic paradise called the jewel of the indian ocean,reunion island. miss earth is the only international pageant that this jewel of an island participates in and they welcomed our two queens like royalty.

upon arrival our queens immediately went to work and toured several schools where a tv crew followed them while teaching the kids the importance of environmental protection as well as the use of the 5 R'S in their daily lives. miss earth queens led the activity by getting down and dirty and showing the kids how it is to actually plant trees.

the kids were so were amazed staring at the amazing beauty of our queens as well as pleasantly inspired by the wonderful environmental message that was imparted to them. the kids hugged, kissed ,jumped for joy and were completely starstruck as angelia and dayanna spoke to them. the happiness, education and inspiration miss earth carries with her in her international travels are something intangible and priceless.look at these heartwarming photos, this just reiterates why miss earth is the most relevant pageant in existence.

angelia and dayanna also were at hand to choose the most beautiful earth warrior from reunion island. they were dignified guests during the coronation night and were part of the panel of judges where the adorable and pretty elsa techer was crowned as miss earth reunion island 2016.angelia and dayanna looked fabulous in their sponsored laurent bernard gowns from reunion island.

after the coronation night of miss earth reunion, angelia and dayanna were invited to grace the launch of the 40th agricultural festival in bras panon where they met the local people as well as farmers. they were accompanied by the winners of miss earth reunion 2016 and met with the mayor of bras panon as well as the local officials.

angelia and dayanna with the mayor of bras panon

being a miss earth is a lot of hard work but it also is a lot of fun. the miss earth winners get to experience local culture ,discover new places, get treated to special functions ,meeting different people from all walks of life and all the media frenzy wherever she goes.

angelia and dayanna savored  the stunning natural beauty of reunion island , they went sailing and was flew around to an aerial tour of the whole island via a special air jet.

angelia and dayanna were also gifted to a shopping spree at the exclusive laurent bernand boutique with beautiful dresses. they were also able to model diamonds for a photoshoot at vendome joallerie.

angelia also has tv and radio guesting and various interviews by the press.

thats what a miss earth international travel is , filled with lots of meaningful work , inspirational messages, genuine friendships and an amazing fun time.


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