Monday, May 23, 2016

miss earth 2015 angelia ong has been a whirlwind of activities ever since she was crowned the ultimate green goddess of 2015. from environmental activities, to tv guestings, to becoming an endorser of multiple products, to tree planting , to hosting events, to meeting VIP's , to school tours, to travelling accross the globe  , to fashion shows, photoshoots. our queen has been working very hard and is getting engagements left and right, but she manages to maintain a refreshing radiant smile at all times. a miss earth queen is multifaceted, it takes a certain woman of insurmountable strength , beauty , intelligence and dedication in order to perform her duties. angelia ong epitomizes all these qualities and more. 

to add to her amazing accomplishments, she has beeen recently tapped as the official ambassador of the ADORA SPA AND LUXURY CLINIC  in vietnam. she travelled to vietnam to launch the opening of the high end clinic with vietnamese celebrites on hand to receive her. the whole world witnessed angelia transform into a glamour queen as she appeared on the grand opening night, that took the whole pageantry fans into a frenzy. congratulations angelia , you have definitely raised the bar so high in the performance of your role as ambassador of mother nature , now as an international celebrity endorser. very proud of you!!!

she is such a gorgeous doll with most vibrant personality.


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