Monday, June 13, 2016

last june 11th miss philippines earth 2016 delivered a very powerful message , that the pageant is a force to reckon with and it willremain that way for the long run! the pageant was a showcase of the philippines , its unique culture ,the unsurpassed talent of the filipinos and most of all the extraordinary beauty of the filipinas. it was the best produced beauty pageant ever in the history of philippine pageants,it was professionally done, the stage was sleek and modern, the show was fast paced, the hosts were exemplary , it featured native original filipino music ,the whole production was indeed world class!!!!

the winner is the buxom beauty imelda schweighart who comes from the last frontier of the philippines and the world's most beautiful island PALAWAN.imee as she is fondly called was a perennial favorite and she did not disappoint making inroads in every segment of the competition.

imelda is a very strong contender who is equipped with a beautiful face, a voluptuous curvy hot body, excellent stage presence and the quick wit to handle the pressure of onstage interviews. many are now predicting she will make a historic three peat, a back to back to back for the which has never been achieved by any country at any of the big 4 grandslam pageants ever.

the pageant was themed philippine independence and throughout the show the vibe of being proud to be filipino was felt. the opening number saw the ladies wearing a modern twist to a maria clara dress paired with trousers depicting the colors of the philippine flag and with g-force at the helm of choreography and original filipino music playing it no doubt started the show with a bang. the top 12 were then announced , and what a beautiful set of 12 semifinalists it was. it showed how diverse the filipina is from the exotic morenas, to the charming chinitas , to the mestizas and all colors in between the filipinas are one of the most dynamic and unique faces on planet earth.

the top 12 ladies were:
  • Cagayan de Oro City- Charinna Barro
  • City of San Pedro- Athena Mari Jamaica Catriz
  • Murcia, Negros Occidental- Jessica Zevenbergen
  • Vienna- Melanie Mader
  • Caloocan City- Joanna Rose Tolledo
  • Dumaguete City- Maria Fatima Al-sowyed
  • Puerto Princesa City-Imelda Schweighart
  • London-Kiaragiel Gregorio
  • Zamboanga City- Bellatrix Tan
  • Rosales, Pangasinan- Shannon Rebecca Bridgman
  • Lobo, Batangas- Krissandra Marie Abel
  • Laoag City- Loren Mar Artajos

the ladies then came out scorching hot in swimwear by ricky abad. this segment is such a joy to watch, the ladies really brought the house down giving their sexiest and most fierce stage presentation. the music fully complimented the exotic hot bodies of the ladies who worked very hard to achieve fitness despite the very busy schedule . it also had the paradise landscapes the philippines has to offer as backfrop in the led screen that offered the tropical vibe in swimsuit. i cannot stop watching this segment over and over again. the best girls in this portion are san pedro ,dumaguete city, puerto princesa and london.

the ladies dazzled in classic traditional filipina ternos from filipino designers. the ladies showed their elegance ,poise and unique class in this segment of the competition

next the ladies were tested on their environmental knowledge as well as awareness of current affairs. the controversial and nerve wracking question and answer round which trended almost 10 million engagagement in social media. watch as the ladies displayed wit, intelligence and grace under pressure.


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