Wednesday, August 24, 2016

miss earth 2015 angelia ong is set to go on a whirlwind jetsetting travel all over the world , spreading the word of environmental protection everywhere she goes. starting august 27 until september 15 , angelia will travel on a record breaking 5 countries namely sri lanks, mauritius , south africa , india  and singapore. angelia has been very busy during her reign , with activities every day ranging from school tours, tree planting tours, beach clean ups,attending charity drives, bike tours, hosting major shows, television guestings, shooting tv commercials, being the cover of magazines , hopping from one island to the other promoting eco tourism in the philippines, to travelling abroad to several countries even clinching a major endorsement deal in vietnam.

here she is in a top of the line gorgeous photoshoot in colombia by jose ponton , where angelia experienced the love and admiration of the colombian people as well as seeing its most beautiful tourist attractions.

these images capture the oustanding and very unique filipina beauty of angelia. her soft ethereal aura ,perfectly embodies what a miss earth should be. beautiful, elegant, hardworking, dedicated and a real joy to work with.

image captured during her recent visit to the united states wearing macduggal and photogrphed by allykatphotography.

angelia has blossomed into the queen that everybody learned to love, repect and admire. she has endeared everyone with her beauty, kindness, work ethic and the sheer determination to prove that she was indeed worthy of the historic back to back victory that so many questioned. in my mind there was not an iota of doubt at all, this lady will take your breath away if you are lucky to get the chance to meet her.she has become the most travelled, the hardest working and the only queen who has promoted her advocacy with utmost passion and grit , it's awe inspiring.

angelia in a tv guesting right before she jets off to sri lanka and conquer the hearts of everyone she meets.


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