Monday, September 19, 2016

the philippines,  mother natures best kept secret , an oasis so rich , dreamy ,so magical and is blessed with the most beautiful sceneries, the most friendly people and the most fervent pageant fans. no wonder all pageants want the philippines to host them, well carousel productions has kept its promise to promote the philippines by holding the miss earth 2016 pageant in the stunning paradise islands of the philippines. it will be an epic adventure for all the miss earth 2016 girls as this year will be the busiest and they will be the most travelled queens of any pageant while the activities are ongoing! the ladies are scheduled to visit 6 destinations in luzon, 6 islands in the visayas and for the first time in history of any beauty pageant 9 provinces in mindanao.that is how strong the miss earth platform and advocacy is, several provinces are scrambling to host the candidates and show them what they can offer. the credibility and trust factor is so high in miss earth , well respected organizations and institutions  are volunteering to host the pageant activities.the ladies will be divided into three groups and will tour the islands of the philippines for the whole three weeks.

carousel productions has stepped up its cause to highlight the beauty of the philippines, they have promoted the philippines for more than 15 years, and have introduced the country to countless people around the world via the candidates, their families, their supporters as well as the millions of pageant fans around the world. miss earth is one of the strong tools that have helped give the philippines a good image on the world stage. miss earth is proudly 100 percent filipino made and became successful through sheer hardwork, dedication and integrity.

are you miss earth 2016 ladies ready to hop in from island to island, tours left and right, lots of sleepless nights, it will be the ride of a lifetime , one that is exhilirating and will be held for the first time on the 20,000 seater mall of asia and the production will be a very grand one.

the miss earth 2016 pageant will be the most exciting pageant of 2016 , where the candidates will have tons of work to do, variety of places to visit and immeasurable experiences to live for.the 2016 pageant will be hosted by the handsome duo of marc nelson and rovilson fernandez.

miss earth has also released the eco videos of the candidates , where the ladies get to present their environmental advocacies as well as showcase the beauty and uniquesness of their country as well as culture.the pageant fans get to see a preview of the ladies personality , their communication skills , their commitment as well as their stunning beauty.









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