Thursday, October 13, 2016

when you have a dream, no matter what the obstacles are , be it sabotage from a major company, even a court order or harrassment from so many entities , none can stop you , if that drive to achieve it is burning in your core. it took a whole village and a whole ot of determination, but rashi yadav is here , she made it to miss earth 2016.india will be a force to reckon with and rashi yadav will try to end the 5 year drought that has plagued india at miss earth.

it is so comforting and heartwarming to finally see rashi wearing the green INDIA  sash at miss earth 2016. this girl is a ball of beauty, personality ,wit and charm, so she is a big ticket to the top 16 at this years miss earth. it has been a bumpy ride for her as well as her directors maithani pradeep and cheryl hansen, but i know that they will come out victorious and so fulfilled because their intentions are integral and honorable.

good luck rashi, we the miss earth fans are so glad and welcome you with open arms to the miss earth family.


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