Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Now on its 16th year, Miss Earth continues to build its reputation as the most relevant and worthwhile beauty event in the world, setting a legacy of beauty and responsibility. 

Who will be the 16th Miss Earth Eco-Warrior? 

It is such a difficult task to pin down the most deserving successor of the Miss Earth crown presently worn by Angelia
Outgoing Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong 
Ong considering the number of girls who are equally deserving of the prestigious title. As this year's edition banners the theme "Empowered to Make a Change", we might expect some substantial changes as well that might greatly influence the set of this year's winners. However,  I am assured that the organization itself is still looking for that someone who is not only beautiful but most importantly a dedicated Eco-warrior who is 'outspoken' and at the same time very passionate with the Miss Earth causes. Being crowned Miss Earth is not an easy job. She will be the United Nation's Ambassador for its environmental campaigns worldwide.

My final assessment is pointing me towards Katherine Espin
Katherine Espin of Ecuador during
the Swimwear Competition. 
of Ecuador, Stephanie de Zorzi of Venezuela and USA's Corrin Stellakis as the most likely winners for this batch with Russia's Aleksandra Cherepanova, Mexico's Itzel Astudillo, Colombia's Michelle Gomez and even Kenya's Grace Wanene as the potential spoilers.

Ecuador (Katherine Espin) - If there is one thing that made her a stand out from her closest rivals for the crown, it would definitely be her enchanting charisma and warm personality. Her smile alone is enough to brighten up a dimly lighted room. Her congeniality as well makes her more alluring and beautiful. Apart from that, Katherine is also eloquent in the English language and we all know how important the communication skills are as the reigning Ambassadress of the Miss Earth Organization and as the spokesperson of the United Nations Environment Programme. So I must say that she is the perfect embodiment of what the Miss Earth is looking for in its winner and therefore might be the one winning the top crown on the final eve. 

Venezuela (Stephanie de Zorzi) - The moment I knew that she was appointed to be
Stephanie de Zorzi of Venezuela 
her country's delegate for this year's edition, I honestly thought that the competition is already over until Katherine Espin of Ecuador showed up and stamped her charm and wit throughout the pre-pageant activities. However,
despite of the stiff competition she's getting with Katherine, I am pretty sure that Stephanie wouldn't let go of the crown without a fight. After all, she is Venezuela and I'm quite curious what tricks are up her sleeve on the grand finale night.

USA (Corrin Stellakis) - She has what it takes to be an excellent spokesperson of the organization. She can easily spin her thoughts into words with prudence and savior-faire. If Miss Earth is looking solely for a speaker then she is the right choice. However she seems to be lacking with congenial charm and winsome aura which are pertinent when you are a Miss Earth titleholder. But who knows? The stars of the universe may align to her favor on the grand coronation night. After all, USA has yet to win its first Miss Earth crown. 

Russia (Aleksandra Cherepanova) - Statuesque, gorgeous and with a charming face that
Corrin Stellakis of USA. 
could launch a thousand ships. That is how I describe this Russian beauty. If only she is as eloquent as Corrin, she could easily topple down the heavy-weight favorites of the competition. The nerve-racking question and answer portion of the Miss Earth finals might possibly be her demise in winning the top plum. It would be for her advantage if she will use a translator during the finale.

Mexico (Itzel Astudillo), Colombia (Michelle Gomez) Kenya (Grace Wanene) and Thailand (Atcharee Buakhiao) are my locked-in choices for the remaining four in the Top 8. There is a strong possibility that they might steal the thunder from the Top 4 favorites if they deliver a strong conviction with their answers
Aleksandra Cherepanova of Russia
in the interview portion. As far as my armchair assessment is concern, Atcharee Buakhiao of Thailand is the strongest in Asia. She is silently gaining momentum towards the finals in contrast with the Philippines' bet Imelda Shweighart who had deliberately destroyed her chances with her undiplomatic encounter with Austria's Kimberly Budinsky. Imelda seems to have lost the drive and the motivation to win. She gains weight and is obviously unprepared. She is not the competitive Imelda I saw during the Binibining Pilipinas days and even during the Miss Earth Philippines coronation night. She lost the spark and achieving a Top 16 placement would even be an uphill battle for her given the pool of beauties in the competition who are far more deserving.

Should Thailand get the chance to nab a spot in the Top 8, it
Grace Wanene of Kenya
is wiser for her if she will use a good translator. As we all know, the question-and-answer portion is the most critical part of the competition and the organizers tend to favor girls who are excellent speakers.

If the organization would be looking for a colored African delegate in the winning circle, Kenya is the top choice. She is a walking black barbie beaming with positivity. She might even capture the top plum and that depends on how she will perform in the finals. An impressive answer in the interview round would definitely be the game changer.

Brazil (Bruna Zanardo), Panama (Virginia Hernandez), England (Luissa Burton), Ukraine (Alena Belova), Czech Republic (Kristyna Kubickova) Hungary (Eszter Oczella), Italy (Denise Frigo), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Ivana Perisic) completed my Top 16 favorites for the crown. My hunch is telling me though that they might place higher than what I have predicted now. It all boils down to their respective 'performances' on the 29th of October 2016, Saturday night at the Mall of Asia Arena, Manila Philippines where 83 beautiful delegates from around the world will converge for the most coveted crown of Miss Earth 2016.

All the best ladies! Break a leg! 

Check all the 83 delegates in the Miss Earth's Official Website

N.B. For more updates, please like the official page of Miss Earth. Click HERE.
See you at the Coronation Night on October 29, 2016 at the Mall of Asia Arena,
Manila, Philippines 

Miss Earth is an international Environmental Event channeling the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool to promote environment awareness. 

Miss Earth 2016 - Empowered to Make a Change!


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