Sunday, October 30, 2016

miss earth 2016 has concluded and 4 new queens are crowned, miss earth 2016 ecuador -katherine espin
miss earth air 2016 colombia - michelle gomez
miss earth water venezuela - stephanie de zorzi
miss earth fire brazil - bruna zanardo

top 8
russia - aleksandra cherepanova
usa - corrin stellakis
vietnam - namen nguyen
sweden - cloie skarne

top 16
england - luissa burton
italy - denise frigo
mexico - itzel astudillo
macau - clover zhu
northern ireland - julieann mcstravick
south africa - nozipho magagula
australia - lyndl kean
korea - chae yung lee

after more than three weeks of exciting activities that took them to more than 10 exciting tourism destinations spreading environmental protection, touching the lives of the community , inspiring people , experiencing stunning pardise tourism sites and local culture it culminated into one dizzying heart stopping coronation night.

many people have wondered how the top 16 were chosen this year, well it has been the tradition in miss earth to select the top 16 via continental judging awarding certain slots to every continent based on the number of contestants per continent. the more contestants that continent has the more slots awarded. well i have a surprise for you, for the first time in 10 years carousel productions  have revised the process. instead of purely doing continental judging, the top 8 scorers irregardless of continents were first chosen. once the top 8 has been identified , the rest of the girls competed for continental slots.this was revised due to years of complaints from fans that continental judging is unfair and puts very strong region at a disadvantage with few slots and so many strong girls. and putting a weak continent more slots due to numbers , causing so much uproar from fans why a weak girl made it over the strong girl. well carousel productions has listened and  went into a meeting and devised this process which i think is the fairest one ,and voila we have the best top 16 in years. no surprises , not much complaining as the top 16 deserved it and were all very competitive.

now for some juice, did you know who topped the preliminaries? russia was number 1 , she was followed by colombia. the biggest shocker is if the old process of judging was followed that was purely continental, ecuador would have clapped and not made top 16 , so we could have a different miss earth 2016 winner. so fans, earthlings be careful what you wish for, it might be granted and in the end not be pleased with the end result.that was why there were 6 girls from the americas making everyone confused since americas had lesser candidates compared to europe and asia/pacific, this right here is the reason why.five ladies from the americas made the top 8 testament to how strong this continent really is, ecuador placed 5th in the americas and if the old continental judging was used 4 slots were to be assigned for the americas and ecuador would have clapped since she was 5th in the americas.there you go everyone, this you will never hear from was really the fate of ecuador to win, now im banging my head, i was one of those who strongly opposed the continental judging and strongly rallied against they say, its her fate, her destiny....


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